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  1. I’ve hiccuped something in pop culture, because all I get out of this is please pay my college loans before Christmas.

  2. Once elected Timmy enlists the UN to confiscate all Christmas presents and sort them for firearms. Once sorted and approved all gifts will be given to Somali refugees. Thank you for your cooperation and Happy Holiday.

  3. As Shrillary’s VP, he must be significant. Or maybe he’s just another progressive shill moron. I suspect the latter.

  4. Kaine is a wuss and liberal loser. He would bring in 100 million third worlders this week if he could. He is as bent on destroying our country and destroying job opportunities for American workers as is hilLIARy. A complete tool of the left and chamber pot of commerce. Kaine should be deported. He is a complete wimp and absolute beta male and is an obsequient butt kisser to the pathological liar and criminal hilLIARy.

  5. “timmy and the lords of the underworld”

    that’s timmy’s band name.
    those guys at south park are ahead of the curve.

  6. south park is an important part of culture because it offends everyone equally, or at least tries to.

    I think they still got thwarted by the musloid PC police, right?

  7. @bob_anon:

    Yes, Muhammad was censored on South Park against the wishes of South Park’s creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone. And some Muslim savage was eventually arrested for threatening to kill Parker and Stone.

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