Timperlake:No way out for Clinton, Inc. corruption this time

American Thinker: The legal dodge used by James Comey to exonerate Hillary Clinton from her prima facie crimes in using an unsecured server for official business won’t be any help to the Clinton Foundation as it faces charges coming from whistleblowers.

Clinton Inc. criminal defense lawyers trying to hide behind the word “intent” won’t work because the Clintons were previously warned early and often about improper compliance:

.. internal legal reviews that the foundation conducted on itself in 2008 and 2011.

Those reviews flagged serious concerns about legal compliance, improper commingling of personal and charity business and “quid pro quo” promises made to donors while Hillary Clinton was secretary of State.

There is a great line in the fun movie, National Treasure, spoken by the accomplished, former Marine, Harvey Keitel, who was playing a very solid FBI Special Agent “Someone has to go to prison Ben.”


Sadly, as both the first Assistant Secretary for Congressional and Public Affairs and then in a reorganization  as being in charge of  Public and Intergovernmental Affairs for the Veterans Administration, I did experience many scammers and real criminal types that actually did not go to prison but  walked away without being charged after running truly horrific veteran charity scams.

The lesson I learned in trying to bring many veteran charity scams to justice was, sadly, that a legal strategy adopted by defendants often worked. Two FBI Special Agents who were investigating a $ 6 million scam out of the $ 7 million collected said DOJ Attorneys prosecuting charity cases have to respect the power of the word “intent”. Thus the cases were often dropped.

But now the  FBI/DOJ does not have that excuse to withhold a prosecution going forward.  more here


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  1. Wow, somebody quoted National Treasure and it wasn’t ‘I’m going to steal the declaration of independence.’

    Kudos. :b

  2. If it wasn’t for all the great work Judicial Watch has done in the last few years we would be dealing with president hillary clinton. I’m losing faith in our DOJ. The combination of corruption, ineptness and a complete lack of a backbone seems to be too much to overcome.

  3. It’s Christmas time. We can all wish for something good.
    Hillary in handcuffs is a good start.

    On the other hand, if yer a Progressive it just may be a wet dream!

  4. Ironically this story breaks the same day Adam Shit For Brains is saying Trump will serve time. We need a good cleansing in this country.

  5. That rancid old commie skank will NEVER see the inside of a jail cell! She’ll die of old age before anyone has the balls to prosecute her!

  6. I’ll believe it when I see it, and I believe I’ll never see it. Any logical argument as to why Clinton will be prosecuted breaks down inside the utter corruption and completely lack of fairness and the rule of law that dominates the culture of the DoJ and FBI. That cunt Hillary will never be prosecuted for any one of the hundreds of major felonies and treasons she’s committed. Because the DoJ and FBI are completely fucked organizations.

  7. Why is a lack of intent a dodge? Try telling the cop you didn’t mean to speed. If you rear end someone, you’re still at fault even if you didn’t intend to hit him

  8. Geeknerd
    Some laws require intent as an element of the crime or of the violation
    Some don’t.
    Depends on the statute defining the wrongdoing.

  9. Until someone replaces the DOJ and FBI with honest agencies noting will happen and we will continue on our demise. Saying they’re great doesn’t cut it. Actions speak loudly.

  10. The Clintons could have a signed contract with a hit man to kill Seth Rich and nothing would happen to them. We have a government that is not the least bit interested in justice.

  11. Just sittin’ here at the bus stop watching the busses roll by every day. The bus they load up the politicians and bureaucrats on their way for their arraignment.

    And every day the bus is empty.

    I’ve been sitting at this bus stop for years. Did have an Uber driver keep me company long enough for a smoke. Said something about ten thousand sealed indictments he had in the trunk. Part of what he called “The Plan”, or something like that. He was headed out of town when he left.

  12. I tried to sell my soul to the Devil. All I asked for was $50 a day and perfect health, until Hillary was locked up. Satan laughed at me.

  13. Utter bread and circuses for conserv masses! You see it is very very good business to hate the Clintons, Obama’s Pelosi etc. It keeps those website visit clicks upticking and the monetization flowing. These sites already know the harsh reality is that nothing and I mean NOTHING will ever happen to the Clintons but they masterfully play on conservs’ hope that something will. Just dangle a Q anon here and a tick-tock there and like Pavlov’s dog the conservs hear the bell and start drooling ($$$) for justice. Meanwhile, these sites just keep raking it in because it is a business after all. The files that the Clintons have amassed on the Obama’s alone likely staggers the imagination not mention what they have on the RINOs and others. Nope, Hillary will remain the teflon don and it is far more likely that Trump will either go to jail (falsely) or be long dead before anything other than a wrist slap happens to Hill. Resign yourselves to this fact and pick other battles to pour your energy into to fight because starting in Jan “Winter is Coming.”


  14. If hillary clinton won’t be charged, perhaps we’ll be lucky enough to see her drop dead on stage. Imagine how viral a GIF that would make?

  15. “The Clintons could have a signed contract with a hit man to kill Seth Rich and nothing would happen to them.”
    So True, yet,
    before and than after Bill being elected they never needed to sign a contract.
    It’s a long list and nothing has ever happened. Nor will it.
    Had they did, his attorney, Hillary’s signature would be attached.


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