Tim Cook is a Schmuck

I’m using a Mark Dice find to back up my harsh rhetoric.

Now tell me I’m wrong.

15 Comments on Tim Cook is a Schmuck

  1. This social media banning is becoming quite tedious. I’m an adult. If I don’t like something, I can block it. But leave that decision up to me.

    If I say something stupid, people can block me. But leave that decision up to them.

  2. He’s a queer, twisted in mind, body, and spirit. They’re just bad people and have fueled liberalism for at least the last 50 years. The first thing a queer has to do is throw God under the bus….everything after that goes evil.

  3. @Doc, agreed. I just don’t know how to fight that. Hate to say, “There aught to be a law”, but maybe that’s the solution. ?

  4. Schmuck.
    Not strong enough.
    Gotta be a word that connotes evil, stupidity, arrogance all at once.
    I got it!
    Tin Cook is a liberal.

  5. Tim Cook features himself as a visionary,[with all the capabilities of a bat].

    Everything he says is worthless. His goal in life is sodomy.

  6. The State of Indiana passed a law affirming marriage as being between ‘a’ man and ‘a’ woman. In response, Mr. Cook penned an op-ed insufferably condemning it and submitted it to the NYT (something on you mind, Tim?).
    The city of Riyadh in Saudi Arabia (where “coming out” is a virtual death sentence) has more official Apple stores than the entire state of Indiana.
    I guess blood money spends just as well as the other kind, huh, Tim?

  7. I regret my Apple purchases in the past, but in my defense I never suspected an old commie womanlike manfaggot would become CEO.

  8. Fur, Maybe we should create Awards for Censorship – Lots of Fanfare and Noise About the recipient.

    Thus – @Anon – Awards for censorship, how very liberal. TIM COOK – 2018 Award For MOST DIVISIVE CENSORSHIP in Online User Forums!


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