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Tina Has Something To Say

Two new quick hits from Bronx Tina!

Warning: Bronxy language. 😂

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  1. Something I’ll never understand is thinking that the time to make a video is when you’re driving down the highway. I don’t get it.

  2. She’s absolutely correct.
    I could never condone bad language, but I must applaud her candor.

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. Accent: Bronx mixed with Guidette Italian descent. (kind of Jersey shore Italian)

    My mother told me I swore to much about a year ago. I made her watch a few of Tina’s rants. My 80 year old father was howling and loved her.

  4. Distracted driving is just stupid, it shows your audience that you are reckless, irresponsible and it detracts from her message.

    If her gangsta/ghetto vernacular reaches some potential GOP voters, that is a good thing, big tent and all, but her style is not my style.

  5. Words sure as Hell aren’t the worst things that are going on right now in our country. Not by a looooong shot!!

  6. Her words sure as Hell aren’t the worst things that are going on right now in our country. Not by a looooong shot!!

  7. I like Tina. If shes making a video while driving far left lane and you pass on the right, suggest no hand or finger gestures. Just pass

  8. I thought all women were taught to drive applying their makeup in the rearview mirror. So this was child’s play.

  9. I sell insurance. I see the back end of the business (the Claims). Distracted driving causes a LOT of accidents. Pull over and do your video.

  10. She’s not texting, both hands on the wheel (most of the time), looking at the road (most of the time). She is no more distracted than any one of us, having a conversation with a passenger while driving, adjusting the radio, looking at our navigation screen, etc. She is entertaining in a Merissa Tome (My cousin Vinnie) sort of way. But I can’t imagine ever being married to her.

  11. It’s called muti-tasking. Most people have done it forever. But some stupid people just can’t do but one thing at a time.

  12. First of all, you scared me there for a minute. Second, is that BFH in drag? I know, Yonkers and the Bronx aren’t the same, but that accent is close enough.

  13. @DaveVa – maybe? But not as affective…

    I want her to ride shot gun on our next road trip…

    And I know ladies like her from DA Bronx. Maybe minus the LANGUAGE but the sound? The accent?? Oy yeah…

    @KCIR- I think she is from Jerzee actually…probably FROM The Bronx though…We get out there.

    It’s called fucking SPUNK…

    @Joe6paj – AND multitasking (@Anon beat me) my friend…on the ‘Park’way no less…

    We have these Parkways where she and I live… :>)

    Been watching her for ‘a few a yearz now…’

  14. Hey, what’s wrong with the “Bronx Language”. I’m born and bred and I know my accent is just as heavy as Tina’s. I do keep it clean though and only curse when necessary. She is loyal and feisty. She knows what we all know – Trump was elected and they cheated. Let her curse. They deserve it!

    God Bless us all!

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