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Tinder Launches Gender-Confused Update

THR: The app, which adds the new feature today, was developed in partnership between outgoing CEO Sean Rad, GLAAD executives Nick Adams and Alex Schmider and trans advocate Andrea James, and supported by members of the ‘Transparent’ family.

Tinder has followed through on its promise to create a more inclusive platform for people of all gender identities to use the social app.

Updates to the app — the world’s most popular for meeting new people (read: dating) — went into effect Nov. 15 and now allow users to select any term that best describes their gender identity, a revolutionary change for the trans and gender nonconforming community, groups that had largely been excluded or sometimes banned from mainstream dating sites/apps.

Before Tinder’s update, users were only offered two options — man or woman — in selecting gender. In making the announcement, the company acknowledged the frustration faced by potential users. “For users who identified as transgender, or somewhere between or outside the gender binary, that limitation posed an obvious challenge,” reads the announcement.  more here

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  1. I don’t see the problem here. If I were using such a site, I’d definitely want to know if the person I was interested in was mentally ill before I wasted time trying to meet them. The more truthful they are, the better… and the internet is forever.

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  3. How does this sound? Normal, sane male seeks normal, sane female for normal, human relationship! Abnormal, insane, confused, sick, mentally ill, subhuman varmints need not apply (which is everyone who is not a normal, sane human being)!!

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