Tingles Matthews Warns ‘Giddy’ Dems: Trump Will Be Extremely Tough to Beat in 2020

Big Government: President Donald Trump’s speech in Pennsylvania on Thursday convinced MSNBC host Chris Matthews that Trump will be extremely tough to beat in 2020 even if Democrats take back Congress in 2018.

Matthews said on his Hardball show this week that though Democrats are giddy about potentially sweeping away Republican incumbents in the fall, a good year in 2018 does not mean Democrats can defeat the charismatic Trump if he remains on message about the booming economy and as disciplined as he was on Thursday.

A Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll released on Friday found that satisfaction with the economy is at a 17-year high, and “those feeling good about the state of the nation’s economy now include 86 percent of Republicans, 65 percent of independents and even a majority — 57 percent — of Democrats.” In addition, “39 percent of all Americans say they’re ready for an economic expansion for themselves and their families, the highest share since 2005.”

Matthews said he “watched every minute” of Trump’s speech this week, calling it a “barn burner” in which Trump “hit all the high notes—never a flat one.” He said Trump focused on minority employment numbers, did not get sidetracked and bigfoot his own message, and delivered an “uplifting, gung-ho” speech “with all the flags flying.”  more here

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  1. Coming from Tingles this is high praise indeed. If DJT can continue to make America great again he will be unstoppable in 2020. As soon as a few of the more intelligent Democrats realize that the obstructionist posturing advocated by their leadership is not conducive to re-elections then common sense may return to Washington.
    I do not expect a lightning bolt of common sense to strike congress until after November 2018 nor do I expect any show of bipartisanship to last as long as Schumer and Pelosi are pulling the strings.

  2. He’s right but for the wrong reasons. The economy will continue to improve, more and better jobs will be available and take home pay will increase.

  3. The Trump Train is in that stage where the wheels start really grabbing the track and all that torque is converted into forward momentum.
    All those miscreants in the way will lead to improvements in Cow Catcher designs in the future.

  4. @Bad_Brad – I don’t think it is your computer. I’ve been seeing forgotten name/email as well as a different set of script-running servers that power IOTW and intermittent timeouts. Seems likely Maryjane Furhat are tweaking the site configuration. Either that or the NSA has raised the priority or frequency of its data collection hoovering.

  5. It’s kind of silly to argue right now, 18 months or so before campaigning begins.
    And by the end of this year nobody will expect anything other than an 8-year term.

  6. Don’t see how the Dems can be “giddy” about taking back Congress in 2018. From what I see currently, they are going to lose a few seats in the Senate. The House might be 50/50, but if the economy is roaring along come November, its going to be hard for a Democrat to proudly say he/she/it voted against the tax cut.

  7. The 2020 GE campaign has already begun.

    If you see a candidate for the mid-terms, a very short while away, now is the time to figure out how to help them. We have so much more to do than vote or write commentary. If we are to MAGA, we must hold the congress. The D state party machine will be in overdrive — lying, stealing, and cheating their way back.


  8. Only stupid Progs, is that an oxymoron, would be “giddy”.
    They are broke, the DNC jefe doesn’t want/ can do the job, they are running with old white people who should be in a home.
    Parez is a revolutionary without a cause.

    Ahh, it’ll take a little time
    Might take prosecuting their crimes
    Now we’ll try to stay blind to the dopes and fear outside
    Hey Trump, stay wilder than the wind and make the Progs cry.
    apologies to Simon

  9. Like Hillary, the democrats will try to COPY Trump’s “I’ve-had-enough-and-I’m-not-taking-it-anymore!” style, and it won’t work for them.

    ⚫Joe Biden tries it, but he comes off as just a royal JERK. ⚫The women come off as screechy bitches.
    ⚫Any soft, reasonable, thought-out arguments will get STEAMROLLED by Trump.

    I just hope Hillary runs again in 2020. She is so arrogant and tone-deaf, -don’t put it past her.

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