Titans Wide Receiver, Half-Brother of Retired Marine Killed in Afghanistan, Says He Will Quit NFL If He Has To Stand For Anthem

A black millionaire player, whose father served in the marines, and whose half-brother was killed as a private defense contractor in Afghanistan, says he will quite the NFL if he has to respect the flag, because of something or other about blacks. I’m not sure what the gripe is that is unique to the black human condition.

Here is Rishard Matthews with his white wife



48 Comments on Titans Wide Receiver, Half-Brother of Retired Marine Killed in Afghanistan, Says He Will Quit NFL If He Has To Stand For Anthem

  1. Is this guilt because he has a non-black wife?
    Never try to make yourself seem irreplaceable when someone can take your place before you dot the end of your sentence, idiot.

  2. Well there’s always shining shoes. I’m sure he has a stellar education as a rocket surgeon. What a freaken moron. I hope he does and I hope we get to see where he’s at in 5 years.

  3. What a goddamn asshole! This is the best he can do to honor his brother, family and country? He needs to quit now! What is his wife’s story? Does she support him in his being oppressed?

  4. Quit A hole and show your resolve. No more soup for you, and your wife and kid.
    What a way to disrespect your brother.
    I really am starting to dislike one part of our country.

  5. One wonders what wifey thinks about Richard’s principled one-way ticket to doing the job he would have had without the football prowess.

    I’m sure she doesn’t care about the dough, right?

  6. What is it about the high yellows like Obama where they have to be the loudest voices in this nonsense?

    He’s a millionaire, cute white wife, cute little baby. He’s living the dream, for fux sake.

    What is this self-loathing nonsense that keeps destroying all of us, white and black?

  7. I’ll make a bet he’ll whine and cry, may end up cut and claim he quit, but he won’t quit. That of course is assuming the NFL even makes them stand, I tend to agree with Trump and think owners are scared of their players.

  8. Time to fuck ’em all.

    Stop playing the National Anthem at sporting events. Who decreed it had to be done at a commercial venue anyway?

    Then maybe this shitstorm of controversy will stop. God knows it’s up to my molars.

  9. @lowell. Make the controversy go away by not playing the anthem? No fucking way. PLAY IT TWICE AS LOUD!!! I will not surrender to these anti cop anti American pieces of shit.

    We’re on the verge of victory here.

  10. I know a lot of vets. Love those guys. I meet them though the DCMA. They inspect our parts before we ship them to the Gov. The great thing about the military, just one great thing, Soldiers see no skin color. Well that’s not quite true because they come up with some funny shit. Our assigned inspector is a black guy. Mountain trained Marine. I had a black guy taking delivery of a gun and in walks our inspector. Chuck. It’s Saturday, Chucks just stopping by to bust my chops. It’s me and two black guys. I’m running down the care and feeding of our guns to my customer, not a racist, and Chuck says “It’s getting kind of dark in here”. Fucking guy. Everyone is laughing hysterically and I’m headed towards the back door. Chuck says “Where are you going?” I yell back “Check my truck to see if My tires and rims are still there”. I get along better with black people like this then I do with most white people.

  11. Let the racist pussy go. Call his bluff because he’s the one that signs out of his contract and no more paychecks. Give a another kid willing to stand a chance at the bigtime.

  12. We need to ask these people, who don’t like this country why they are here.
    Is it just to bitch?
    There are no chains on you, you are free to leave.

  13. these “americans” stole my game from me. If they started up an all white/cracker/honkee football league tomorrow, i’d be just swell with that.

  14. buh-bye……hope i never hear your name again….

    too bad for your wife and kids……but i really don’t care, at this point….you chose poorly……

  15. English is a funny language. Ever notice that the terms “fat chance” and “slim chance” mean exactly the same thing?

    Anyway, either of those applies here.

  16. As a father who served in the Marines, I would disown either of my two sons if they did this. They’d be barred from the home just for saying it for the publicity. My heart goes out to the father, unless and until I find out he supports this.

  17. Hey, Doushard, how much is Sharpton going to pay you to take a knee? Yeah, that’s what I thought. He don’t even know your name, fool, and if he did, he’d mispronounce it. See you on game day. No, wait. I won’t.

  18. Being forced to play for the Titans may be punishment enough.

    Have him return kicks or better yet play QB. That’s a guaranteed broken collarbone/femur.

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