To the Statue Destroyers

Listen to this guy’s rant. It’s spot on.

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  1. I like the hell out of that guy! There are millions just like him that are not being heard from……yet!

  2. He nailed it. A great many people gave their all for America and “all the little bastards” with their narrow tiny minds don’t care to see it” Perhaps one day, too late most likely, the light will shine in their closed minds to show them just how wrong they’ve been.

  3. Spot on. Here’s another thought. Those statues belong as much to me as they do to the little bastards. And I’m not to crazy about seeing them knocked down. So if LE isn’t going to stop them, fucking LE shouldn’t be stopping us from stopping the little bastards.

  4. The guy is from DEEP BLUE Providence Rhode Island.
    Woe be upon you Democrats.

    And I agree with him about the monster children acting out because they were poorly raised by leftist children in adult bodies.

    The reckoning is coming.

  5. You have heard the expression more cowbell, or whatever?

    I want to hear 100 more Italian great names!! That was fantastic! It was like a who’s who? And that is just off the top of his head…

    For my passed on father in law, ‘Louie Racanelli’! A great guy, I missed ya Lou.

  6. Andiamo amici mio!
    Questi communisti sono porchi.

    My Italian is a bit rusty, but I think I just said, ‘let’s go my friends. These communists are pigs!’

    Or I may have said,’your wife is quite attractive and I am enticed by her lobster like gaze and her scary looking pincer arms.’

    Nah. I think I was close the first time.

  7. “If I knew the world was going to turn out like this. I wouldn’t have fought so hard to save it. My friends died for nothing.”

    You little pathetic, poor excuses of men and women, who never pulled yourself up after being knocked down by life. Who never had the guts or courage to admit your weaknesses and learn from them. Who had to blame others for your failures so your false pride or thin-skinned feelings weren’t hurt. You disgust me.

    You are losers, and no amount of rioting or statue defacing will fill the void that you have in your character and soul. Your only purpose in life is to bring others down to your level, rather than lift yourself up to ours.

    And I include the black population in that statement. You blame whites for your failures, when you have more opportunity in this country to succeed than you would in any other country – especially your revered hyphenated country, Africa.

  8. Be of good cheer, everyone. As we look at this in the rear view mirror someday (and probably sooner than later), we’ll all be able to see the choreography of God’s timing in all this. It’s heartbreaking for us now to watch all this wanton and senseless destruction of the things we value and to hear of so many good people who have been murdered and maimed and terrorized.

    Through the fog of all this, I agree with those who are way more knowledgeable about the history of the Left; they have played their hand prematurely. They’ve unmasked their goals and have shocked many people into waking from their willful slumber.

    I believe this.

  9. What Bad_Brad said x 100 TSUNAMIs. That was my first thought, too: WHERE ARE THE POLICE? Are they all Meal Team Sixers now? Are they all cowed by the fat f—king Diversity Inclusion Equity sows who really run their departments? Is nobody allowed to make a stand against the mob anymore?

    I am so sorry, Great Uncle “Rooster” Hix. You never made it home from Iwo Jima, but at least on Oahu, you don’t have to see this madness.

  10. Brothers Tsunami and Third Twin

    Like I’ve typed several times this week, if you plan on taking on the Clowns, plan on taking on LE too. Makes no sense. But figuring it out is no longer important

  11. Honestly, it makes me sick, Brad. My father was a 32 year veteran with the S.O.

    I grew up with my dad’s friends and co-workers and I was always treated with respect.

  12. Ok, I’m an Italian American from birth My father, Luigi Racanelli was great with always telling me about the american dream. They made him change his name in school to Louis (Imagine with the names they have now in school!!!) He told me because the language barrier was there, it was a lot more difficult for Italian Americans then Irish. Hence the feud they fraught. So silly when you think about the issues now. Let’s take care of these spoiled rotten brats. What goes around comes around.

    God Bless us all!!

  13. I used to spend summers with the Italian side of my family in s Philly. These were a hard nosed bunch of bad asses, a couple were even mobbed up, they had to be, our neighborhood abutted the blacks and there was no love lost.

    I can’t imagine what has happened to Philadelphia in the ensuing years. From Frank Rizzo who wouldn’t have put up with any of this crap to Kenny. And Rizzo was a dem too. Imagine that.


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