TODAY’S TRUMP Speech at MASSIVE Rally in Norfolk, VA

Starts 12 minutes in

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13 Comments on TODAY’S TRUMP Speech at MASSIVE Rally in Norfolk, VA

  1. Trump is eyeballing every agency as though it were supposed to be paying for itself as well as taking the stance that the criminal overspending *is* criminal and not just a shrug of the shoulders.

    I like how he thinks.

  2. If he can continue his current trajectory for 8 more weeks, game over. I hope some of the fanatics that have been posting eroniuos info here start using the analytical side of their brain.

  3. Jeeze Louise! He sure packs ’em in. And no SEIU buses parked outside with box lunches and pre-made signs for the hired crowds, either. It’s amazing to me to watch a home-grown stump event. I wish I lived on the ecoast right now.

  4. Don’t forget the renogotiation of our dumb ass trade deals. What this man could do for our economy is more than exciting. As of yesterday you can find stuff about how Trumps Anti Free Trade. I think that’s one of the new attacks. To which I say how about Fair Trade. More Wall Street bull shit.

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