Toddler Lost In Oregon Wilderness found By Woman On Horseback And Her Dogs

KFI: A toddler is safe after wandering away from her grandmother on a trail in the Molalla River Recreation Area in Oregon. Luckily, for Iris Nix, 59-year-old Tammy Stevens was in the area going for a morning horse ride with her two dogs, Wilson and Maddie.

When Iris first ran ahead of her grandmother, Gayla Ann Jay, she wasn’t too worried, but after 15 minutes, she started to freak out and asked some loggers to help search for her granddaughter.

“Yeah, 15 minutes I could tolerate. After 15 minutes, I started to lose it,” Gayla told Fox 12 Oregon. read more

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  1. Many centuries ago I was in downtown San Francisco with my Grandmother. I saw a cable car and ran to get on it. Once I got on I noticed my Grandmother was not there and started to cry. Strangers started to comfort me. I don’t know how (maybe the brakeman held the car) but my Grandmother was able to catch up. She said she intended to get on that cable car. I am sure she was lying.

    I can’t be sure, but I’d be willing to be that that was the last time I was on a cable car. That was probably 1961 or so.

  2. 1975, I was 7 and decided to head off into the crowd at Southlake Mall in Merrillville, Indiana. Got my ass beat when I was located, and justifiably so.

  3. Every parent’s shocking nightmare.

    You turn away, and your kid in the park is missing.

    1,000,000 thoughts race through your head.

    The 1 thought I have is, “I’m going to race around, and and if I find someone dragging my kid away, that dude will be disemboweled on the spot.”

  4. Tree huggers firmly believe that toddlers and
    wilderness areas are a good mix. They also get
    out of their cars to pet very large wild animals
    sporting horns, large antlers or big teeth.

  5. When I was six, I got mad at my Mom and decided to run away. Mom packed a suitcase for me. I made it about 100 feet up the street when I realized there was no lunch in the suitcase. I came back home. Mom never took her eyes off me and told that story for the next 50 years.

  6. Gramma’s story should be checked and double-checked by the cops. She maybe just a fucking dumbass, but she could be something else too.

  7. RADIO

    Do you like French Bread? Since you were in San Fran in 61 did you get the best bread made – Larrburu
    Lawyers killed ’em about 45 years ago. I admit, I have no love for lawyers. Larrburru is just 1 of 1,000,000 reason why!

  8. Jarhead: I was a little young to remember such a thing. I do remember tagging along with my brothers’ Indian Guides group to a bakery. I can remember the good smell to this day. I also recall seeing a submarine on another trip.

    I was a little young to join, technically, but they made an exception for me when my Father went to Korea in 1960.

    We went to Playland By The Beach on another trip.

    I saw Vertigo In a theater when it was restored about 20 years ago. In the scene where Jimmy Stewart is walking down the downtown street and sees Kim Novak, I had a really strong sense of Déjà Vu.

    I have a strong emotion attachment to the city but I have no interest in going back now. I feel like a refugee.

  9. When my son was 8 y.o. I took him to the Hamvention in Dayton. At a junction joining four different rooms in the civic center he walked on when I stopped to look at something, and we lost sight of each other for about five minutes. I don’t know which of us was more panicked. It was very crowded and difficult to spot a small child.


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