Tom Arnold Chasing Mad Pancake Mice Through Chainsaw Fountain

Because he’s crazy. The video at the link shows how out of his mind he is.




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  1. Yea my thoughts too, speed kills.
    Look at his whacked out blood shot eyes.
    Talks like an incoherent meth head…
    Changes the subject & deflects.He thinks
    he is an intellectual.We are truly living
    in Mondo Bezzzaro land ! This what is shown
    on the BooB Tube ???

  2. So, (used the comma) it would seem that he is a danger to himself and others and he’s still allowed to walk around among the sane people?

    Or are there now so few sane people that this is what you give air time too?

  3. This is an example of why I am 100% for the major media to exercise their right of free speech.
    Every show, every interview, brings a few more leftists out of the dark and into the light. People sitting on the fence are jumping to our side.
    Every day, the MSM is losing more of their audience. Showing the World just how batshit crazy they really are. They are breaking the Matrix, piece by piece.
    This is going to be a fascinating election year.

  4. We keep getting asked when America was great.

    One of the hallmarks was that we were able to punch the stupid and dangerous into the next week when it was in our face. And everyone around nodded in agreement the douche deserved it and thanked the man that did it.

    And the other side of that coin was that you feared getting the stupid punched out of you so you behaved or suffered the consequences.

    This is one reason they want to kill masculinity.

    Tom needs a good punch every time he opens his pie hole and starts talking about anything other than how to be less manly than Roseanne.

  5. @ Mark S. McGrew June 23, 2018 at 12:52 am

    (Insert Mark’s complete post here)

    Agreed. I’m noticing we aren’t seeing Antifa crap every day like we did the first year of Trump’s excellent presidency. Showing them in bright light and pushing back is all it took.

    Fortunately the built-in mechanism for their self-defeat is their extreme craziness.

    Exposure is all it takes.

    Be strong. We win the long game by being able to take care of ourselves despite their efforts to the contrary.

  6. Looks like he went on a MSNBC CNN bender.
    A Double Tulipso
    Not going to look past the first cast and saw the hook. The first scene he was playing Rob Reiner. They look like twins seperated by TIME.
    The exagerrated swirling arm motions were so similar that they had to be rehearsed.
    But do remember Tom Arnold next Time you see Rob Reiner and time how long it takes you to see it too.

  7. Are we sure he is not a Trump plant, there to show American’s just how F’ked up Hollywood and liberals are. It’s like he is a one man wrecking ball out to destroy any leftist credibility.
    He could be the opening act for Pelosi. Go Tom, helping moderates see how loony liberals are.


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