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Tom Brady Retiring and Vows to Stay Retired

Fox News

Tom Brady, the seven-time Super Bowl champion who holds every major NFL passing record, announced in an emotional beach-side video, he was “retiring for good.”

The video was posted to his social media accounts exactly one year after he said goodbye to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to focus on commitments off the field. He would announce his return less than two months later. Catch

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  1. Great Career!

    That Tampa Superbowl was a SLAP in The FACE to all the LOCKDOWN ASSHOLES!
    Thanks Tommy!

    He settled all the questions. The Pats were a Dynasty but Tom did win without Billy who I also respect.

  2. FWIW:

    This last year was BRILLIANT!

    By playing out his last year he earned $15 Million Plus the Bonuses of $13.8 Million during the finalization year of his divorce. Apparently it was finalized already.
    The Fox Broadcast Offer when he retired was/is $375 which now will be AFTER his wife who fucked off & left him with the kids in Sept/Oct.

    I have always said that he is the Smartest man alive. She was earning more than him, all her friends are models, & alimony will be minimal.


  3. Fuck Mahomes & KC.
    That Bengals game was Fucking rigged!
    and/or the REF was Incompetent.

    I don’t bet on games.

    I was actually hoping Buffalo would take the whole thing.

  4. @Kcir

    I think we are the only folks here that still watch the NFL. I have been an Eagles fan my whole life, born in Philly but was transported to California at an early age. It pisses me off that the pretend Dr. who is married to our idiot president is also an Eagles fan.

    I wanted the Eagles and Bills in the SB. Josh Allen has the potential to be great but he is not there yet.

    Re: Brady, financially he will be fine and granted, only he and the misses knows the real story, but I am saddened that he lost his marriage over one year of football. I don’t know if he still loves the ex but if he does and she is amenable, I hope he can get his family back together.

  5. “I hope he can get his family back together.”

    Dat bitch be banging everything in sight. Specially Yoga instructors. I’d say that ship has sailed. Plus she was not very cute.

  6. Agreed Kcir & Rich, I too wanted the Bills to finally get their SB.
    After the Bengals beat them, I wanted Cincy to avenge past teams and beat the 49ers in the SB.
    OK, now I’m down to two fucking weeks of hearing about “historic two black QBs SB”
    Mahommes is whiter than I am…

  7. It has to be a historical figure.

    Can’t be a fucking lousy Raider or lame-ass Cowboy.
    49er is possible only because he grew up in the area.
    Could have been a good Redskin but alas…

  8. here’s Brady’s contracts w/ New England

    2000 3 years $0.86 million
    2002 5 years $30.5 million
    2005 6 years $60 million
    2010 4 years $72 million
    2013 3 years $27 million
    2016 2 years $41 million
    2019 1 year $23 million
    total $254.36 million

    2020 $25 million
    2021 $41.075 million
    2022 $8.925 million
    total for 3 years @ Tampa $75 million

    full total for 22 years NFL service $329.36 million
    (not including playoff bonuses)

    10 years @ Fox Sports for yackin’ $375 million
    … go on, take the $$$ & run …. ooooooooo Lord!

  9. Giselle couldn’t wait ONE more year? But Tom probably knew about the Judo instructor and changed his mind to get rid of her by doing the ole switcheroo and unretire….

  10. Like Redd Foxx said in Harlem Nights, “That bitch put a root on his ass”. That’s why he played so lousy this year.

  11. 1) There was a lot more to that Divorce than playing 1 extra Year of Football. Seriously, does anyone think that She was doing laundry & cooking? She still had her own career and imagine all the Staff they had.

    2) She walked out the door, left him with the kids, and vacationed for quite a while. That’s what turned me.

    3) POS Fucker Biden was at the Eagles game. (Opportunist Fuck Slime) Otherwise I like Suh, Hurts, and I have no issues with any of the Eagles. They re-built well. So, I hope they get this one. (And mail a pic to Terrell Owens) Good Luck Rich Taylor!

    …as for the rest of you, enjoy watching The bachlor/bachlorette or Who wants to marry a Tranny.

  12. Wild Bill,

    Tony Rommo is a better Announcer than he was a QB. Fun to listen to, unlike Joe Buck the little Dumb Fuck.

    Brady might be a good listen, who knows.

  13. Kcir, I watched a few minutes of the Bachelor the other night just for laughs.
    The white guy is a dork and of course half the women are minorities.
    Oddly enough though, none of them are fat.
    Where did they get all the slender black chicks?

  14. Kcir, he could stay in shape, do TV for a year and then get a team on the precipice to the SB.
    Imagine if the 49ers had him during the iggles game?
    I know, I know they already beat Tom in a SB…

  15. Good man or bad, at the heights or scraping bottom, at some point we all need to recognize there’s a time we need to get off the stage.

    Most in Congress do not do that.

    Which only proves my point, as you can see the results…

  16. “Take counsel with yourself, beloved, and ask whether you would indeed have me wait until I wither and fall from my high seat unmanned and witless.”
    -JRR Tolkien, “The Return Of The King”


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