Tom Cotton Questioning Secretariat of State If He Knows of Side Deals Cut With Iran

The “team” doesn’t know what the hell is going on. They’ve cut deals that they’ve never read, okayed them, and it benefits Iran in absurd ways.

As Americans we have our lives in the balance with these jackasses, and their attitude seems to convey that they don’t think we need to know what’s going on either.

We should just trust them.

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13 Comments on Tom Cotton Questioning Secretariat of State If He Knows of Side Deals Cut With Iran

  1. they have to approve the deal so they can find out what’s in it!
    Sounds like that other horse’s ass who pulled this – only this one is more dangerous.

  2. Seriously? Kerry is the best of the best? I would eviscerate those fuckin Iranians and have their wives suckin my dick. Are there no real men? Anger is just a word. Kerry and Obama are traitors. And you know what they say about traitors.

  3. There’s a very important point being missed here. That fucking pussy Kerry and the Anti Christ went running to the UN to get this ratified before congress even got a look. They’re telling us all to Fuck Off. It’s a New World Order now. We can’t let this happen.

  4. Dump the Iran Deal.
    This President is not a leader, John Kerry is no negotiator and by far the American Populace are not fools when it comes to approving the Iran nuclear option.
    What say you, House and Senate? With petty politics aside (if you act for the Nation over self-interests), Will you place this nation in perpetual fear of nuclear attack or will you save this Republic?

    I fear the tally of the vote only because I have lost faith in the house and senate leadership and the weak kneed followers of a sinking ship of fools..

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