Tom Donohue and U.S. CoC Beg White House: Please Don’t Stop Buying From China, We’ll Lose Our Manufacturing Investments


You knew it was going to happen… The U.S. Chamber of Commerce (President Tom Donohue) begins having apoplectic fits at the thought of even stronger Trump administration policies that might undercut their Chinese manufacturing investments.

The U.S. CoC is the biggest stakeholder of U.S. multinational companies doing business in China.  The Trump administration has been warning them for years to put America First in their business plans; and now with the Chinese Pandemic showing just how dangerous it is for critical manufacturing to be made in the U.S.A, chamber President Tom Donohue is pleading to keep the U.S. dependent on China.

Keep in mind, this is the EXACT SAME group who said the steel and aluminum tariffs were going to cause massive inflation driving up the price of all consumer goods and cars by thousands of dollars… It never happened; because the CoC are manipulative liars. read more

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  1. One of the silver linings in all this is that manufacturing will fire up again in the US. By the end of Trump’s second term, we’ll be going strong and only the most retarded will still think democrats deserve a second glance.

    Like the coyote and roadrunner all over again.

    And sorry PS I accidentally upvoted my own post.

  2. There is a very good reason COC was anti Ronny and pro Bush Clan. They are anti Americans! This is how they have been for 45 years.

    I am an ex CFO and – as I did in HS with America hating teachers “ike i a white nationalist” 64 years ago – I had a few arguments with a few CEOs! Like GWB, the “elite” look down their collective noses at “Deplorables”! And probably have for decades.

  3. From the same fucks who would rather import a bunch of unwashed 3rd century savages then pay an unemployed citizen to do it.

  4. You rolled the dice and made some money, now you crapped out! Tough breaks, but you shoulda known that going it to it betting on the other guy instead of yourself! Time to put yer money on America bud! Don’t feel sorry for ya one bit.

  5. There are far too many “companies” that are merely warehouses and sub distribution for Chinese Shit.

    Build something in North America or risk political change.

    Canada became a giant warehouse in the Mid 80’s. I know, I installed HVAC in those types of buildings, 15% Office & 85% warehouse. Out of 100 employees 20 were in the warehouse with the rest being paper pushers, marketing and sales.

  6. “The U.S. Chamber of Commerce”
    A large component of the Deep State, Elitist Anti Americans, Never Trumpers, and first and foremost an enemy to the American Working Man.

    P.S. All these clowns have this vision of the huge Asian Market. It doesn’t exist.

  7. I apologize ahead of time for the foul language. I hope the chamber of commerce gets fucked worse than a drunk freshman at a fraternity party!
    @DavidW- Not registered as a foreign agent. Imprisoned as foreign spies!

  8. Investments are like shot machines, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose because of stupid choices’ There is no stupid choice insurance. You made your bed, so get screwed in it.

  9. The COC shits dumped all our of jobs into China, put our Nations’ security at terrible risk all while stuffing their eggs into one Commie basket.
    Well the basket got dropped kicked and they got screwed by their greed. Fuck you, COC.

  10. Fuck the Chamber of Commerce.
    They’re pro American up until the point where it affects their bottom line.
    I hope every dam American owned company in China, and Mexico fold up and blow away.
    If we can’t make it here, I don’t need it.

  11. In very slight defense of the USCOC and big manufacturers, between labor laws and environmental laws and regulations, it has become very expensive to make things in the United States. Offshoring was a logical thing to do, consequently. However, it has become pretty obvious that making major investments in facilities in communist countries and putting their Companies’ supply lines at risk may not have been a great investment after all. As the great PDJT moves through his second term, I expect he will encourage them to bring their business home where it belongs. But some of the underlying issues like overbearing environmental regulations need to be addressed

  12. Buck Turgidson begs White House: seize donohues passport and deport permanently this traitorious weasel

  13. Oh, the poor SELLOUTS crying about their investments.
    Fuck you; shouldn’t have put profit over everything else.
    Chickens, meet roost.

  14. Please Don’t Stop Buying From China, We’ll Lose Our Manufacturing Investments

    I thought “us” covering your “losses” was why “we” just gave you another two trillion freakin’ dollars! (After the trillions “we” just gave you a few years ago!)

  15. There’s a website that lists bar codes of country origin. Learn which is Chinese and which is US. Buy only US, let’s get America rolling again!

  16. They exported our pharma and med equip manufacturing, pet food and other basic essentials to our mortal enemy and put us in this position it was apparent that dollars are their false god. Nothing else matters.

  17. You’d think an organization named The U.S. Chamber of Commerce would promote commerce within the boundaries of the United States.

  18. @Goldenfoxx March 27, 2020 at 8:18 pm

    > Buy only US, let’s get America rolling again!

    Because the “non”-government “entities”, listed on The New York Stock Exchange (*cough*Apple*cough*), are American?

    Please. See a doctor immediately. The Wuhan Flu has Bidened you.

  19. Donohue has proven over and over he’s traitorous scum who’s interest lies in his constituents, not the country.

    Besides that he seems like a real arrogant prick whenever I’ve seen him

  20. And they plant propaganda to try to create a foregone conclusion in the government policy. In today’s “coronavirus presser”, Trump was asked about WSJ article that he was considering dropping or easing up on the tariffs against China. He replied no, fake news.

  21. What I’d like to do to companies who’ve offshored their operations: offer to let them repatriate their earnings w/o taxes, while jacking up import duties so that they are incentivized to build factories here. Then I’d confiscate ALL their assets and tell them “pray I don’t change the deal some more” . They are anti-American traitors who’ve bought our govt.

    There should be an amendment to the constitution allowing laws to be written after the deed (bills of attainder), in cases of treason or corruption – put an end to clever aholes finding/ creating loopholes to loot the govt / populace and then getting off scot-free. No statute of limitations, either.


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