Tom Fitton: How DOJ-Deep State is Preventing AG Barr From “Doing the Right Thing” on Anti-Trump Coup

Lou Dobbs. He’s awesome.

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  1. It’s always been hard to imagine how each side in a civil war so viciously kill each other.

    Now I understand. Imagine having pelosi, clinton and obama up against a wall?

  2. One thing is certain
    Bill Barr was perhaps the one person on Earth that Trump could put into the AG position who could stop the Mueller investigation.
    Barr had unique, effective arguments to make the case to stop the investigation that held up in court.

  3. Open Letter to A.G. Barr

    Dear Sir,

    Do you know where former A.G. Jeff Sessions is right now? You’ll find out soon.

    When Trump expects his A.G. to be his defense attorney and attack dog, like the democrats always have, he tends to get pretty pissy on twitter. That’s the 5 alarm bells going off. If you don’t perform, you’re going to be sitting on the sofa with Jeff

    Take the hint, we all seem to get it but you. You want to be a neutral staight man, take your integrity out the door with you, this is a soft Civil War going in here. Block bullets coming in, return fire, or get out of the way!

    The hook is slowly reaching for you, either step it up, or step down before you get yanked, and then write a book about how bad Trump is

    I’m sorry you needed an explicite written invitation to forward the MAGA agenda, but that’s why you were hired, FYI.

    Thank you,


    All Trump Voters

  4. “Interfere with the Devil’s interests and you will find yourself under assault from the most unexpected angles.”

  5. Lou was fit to be tied and Tom too! They lit into Barr and his crew of treacherous pukes for this travesty. I saved it just to watch multiple times.

  6. Barr is way too weak and intimidated by the DC insiders and is frozen into inaction.
    We need an unapologetic fighter that’ll turn the momentum back on the corrupt insiders and Barr just isn’t up to the job.
    Those that approved his nomination knew that all along.

  7. On top of his inaction to prosecute Barr is also protecting Rod Rosenstein. New info on CTH further illuminates the behind the scenes treachery.

  8. I’m with @”make the dems heads explode”. Bring in Rudy. He cleaned the cesspool that was NYC, now let him clean up the DOJ.


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