Tom Steyer buys website for Trump slogan ‘Keep America Great’

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Democratic presidential candidate Tom Steyer purchased the website domain of President Trump’s reelection campaign slogan and is using it to campaign against him.

Steyer, a billionaire philanthropist, purchased the URL bearing Trump’s signature catchphrase for 2020, “ Keep America Great.” When users visit the website, they are directed to a bright yellow page featuring the words “TRUMP IS A FRAUD & A FAILURE” in large letters across the screen.

“Donald Trump failed as a businessman,” smaller text reads. “He borrowed billions, and left a trail of bankruptcy and broken promises. He hasn’t changed. Tom Steyer is running for president because unlike other candidates, he can go toe-to-toe with Donald Trump on the economy and expose him for what he is – a fraud and a failure.”

The website, which says it is paid for by Steyer’s campaign at the bottom, also allows visitors to purchase a bumper sticker that declares Trump a “fraud and a failure” for $1.


Trump is a fraud and failure???

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  1. Try telling that to all the Americans who finally have jobs, rising incomes and lower taxes, dipshit.

  2. First of all, KEEP AMERICA GREAT is not an insult to Trump or his accomplishments. Steyer is an idiot. The phrase is still associated to Trump in a positive light and Steyer is still associating it with Trump. lol
    Free advertising, dumbdumb.

    Everyone has been using that in a roundabout way since Trump got elected. I didn’t even think it was Trump’s campaign idea. I thought it was a TEA party saying. LOL.
    Whatevs. If the campaign was actually going to use it, they would have bought the domain already. Duh.

    But oooo what a burn. right? LOL.

    Whatever Trump says, catches fire in 10 minutes anyway.

  3. I see his commercials. It’s hard not to break out laughing when he states “he can go toe-to-toe with Donald Trump on the economy and expose him for what he is – a fraud and a failure.”

    How can you take a candidate who makes a statement like this seriously? He is either a liar, or very uninformed, or a combination of the two.

    I hope he pisses away a great part of his fortune on his campaign.

  4. It won’t harm President Trump’s campaign, but the MSM will run with it. I’m surprised Parscale didn’t get that domain first.

  5. I’d like to know how much he paid for the URL? The original owner must be laughing (just like the rest of us) at Tommy.

  6. Honestly, I don’t think that is Trump’s intended campaign slogan for 20. I recall someone saying it and him repeating it at a rally. I could be wrong. But it’s been around since at least ’17, so it may be too ‘old’ in ad terms. You have to keep your brand “Fresh”.
    There’s no point in doing a campaign slogan right now until there are 4 dems left in the race. Unless they all hang on like the ticks they are. lol.

    Whatever he picks, I hope it involves some Covfefe. 😀

  7. Anyone who runs for President Of The United States for the first time ever without ANY political experience and WINS is a failure?

    Tommy Dumb Dumb not very smahhhhhhht.

  8. TS – Tom Shitehead.
    Yeah, Tom’s political ads are crap. Whatever DJT business failures may have been in the past, as President DJT he has shown he knows how to get great results, against relentless opposition from both the TDS & Never-Trumper crowd – making TS’s ads silly. He’d do better if he simply made the claim he could do better. And see if he can convince anyone to believe him.

    However, someone failing to secure ownership of the website domain name is an oversight that should not have been missed. In the past I’ve read of companies buying up the right to every domain name that was anything close to a company name or motto, to keep internet mischief-makers at bay. Usually a misspelling would land you on some porno site, if the company did not own the right to the misspelled domain names. But by doing this silly juvenile trick Tom shows himself to be a mischief-maker. Not presidential material. Maybe immature junior high school material at best.

  9. Steyer is an over-the-top nincompoop. (In addition to being very personally unappealing, hard to put a finger on it. Some kind of personality disorder.)

    Anyway, that aside, he made his money running 20 billion hedge fund Farallon. Heavily investing in stuff like coal and private prisons.

    In recent years he’s claimed to be a philanthropist in causes that have given him big tax deductions and little in the way of tangible benefits for others.

  10. By the way, Steyer just another liar.

    Trump is in real estate. (A real business, not money-moving.) And real estate is done with loans, lots of debt. That’s part and parcel of the business. A few of Trump’s many (100s) of corporations filed bankruptcy years ago. Taking advantage of the laws when this or that project doesn’t work is hardly “failing”.

  11. Exactly- film companies do the same thing. Every movie is considered a business. Once the movie is done, that business shuts down. So according to steyer, Film companies should not be in existence right now.

  12. Steyer is a fraud and liar just like all his libtard buddies…he made billions selling fossil fuels and then found God in Climate Change and now makes billions off Federal subsidies….HE is the FRAUD

  13. Frosted Demons over at msNBC

    msNBC Mika Moneyshaker and Joe and Crew are pushing MORE Please Send Your Money contribution scams.

    Have you EVER noticed. . .

    . . . All these msNBC Steyered Bloombergered Sugared Java Juicey Money Drives ALWAYS tell you HOW to GIVE but NEVER tell you WHERE to GET the money money money they are always so busy and hardworking toiling away at collecting, almost as if it was a PAID JOB for these msNBC Steyer Bloomberg money grifting scum scammers of the cryptogrift guilds.

  14. Steyer wants to go ‘toe to toe’ with President Trump?

    Has he observed nothing over the last 5 years??

    I’m guessing he’s hired Yeb!’s campaign mgr.

  15. Maybe the Trump campaign DID buy that domain name, with private registration, and held it while its value increased, then sold it for an absurd amount –as is done in the real estate market, for example. In which case, Styer is funding Trump’s campaign, which will now launch its new slogan.

  16. I don’t know why he thinks this is so smart. The people who will go to that site are Trump supporters and they’re not going to drop that support because of a ridiculous statement made by someone most have never heard of. And never Trumpers won’t click on a link they think will take them to a site they believe supports Trump’s campaign. I think the whole thing is stupid and would be interested in knowing how many people buy his stupid bumper sticker for $1.

  17. Steyer and his ill-gotten money (most from dirty coal he sold to China) has caused so many problems up here in Canada. He uses his money to buy Indians to protest pipelines and Oil Sands production, Green groups to attend public meetings on the pipe lines (oh, and the indians also go to meetings in full regalia acting as wardens of the land when 1) they’ve been some of the biggest polluters and 2) their reservations are hundreds of miles away from any route being discussed, he pays off anyone that is useful in blocking Canada expanding it’s key energy resource. All this so his other “green” companies and funds can continue to rake in government funds. If the tree of liberty sometimes needs blood how bout using his and saving some patriots.

  18. What an oddity-a democrat that claims to have earned his own money.
    Not going to get far playing the anti-Trump, laddie-buck.

  19. Hypocrisy, the Democrat brand. Steyer the wannabe Trump, confirmed by his sad, pathetic campaign marketing attempt. “Keep America Great” is a grassroot slogan – organic and a conservative concept. No leftist, Deep State tool whose ideology, an antithesis to our nation’s God given freedoms and liberties will ever “own” a slogan promoting the positive patriotic, foundational roots of The United States of America.
    Steyer needs to go home and buy a new toy, like a Bugatti or Lamborghini (of course a “green” version, LOL!) to occupy his time instead of defrauding the American people with his idiotic candidacy for president.


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