Tomb of Abraham Declared Palestinian Historical Site By UNESCO

In what the Palestinians are declaring a victory in their effort to carve out portion of Israel for themselves, UNESCO on Friday declared the Tomb of the Patriarchs of Israel to be a Palestinian heritage site.

The decision puts the tomb of “Abraham, Isaac, Sarah, Rebecca and Leah” on an endangered site list to be reviewed annually, this despite the fact that Israel has controlled Hebron since 1967 and is in no hurry to blow up the ground where the founder of the Jewish religion is buried (unlike how numerous religious sites have been treated throughout Muslim controlled Middle East in recent years).


What the Palestinians are hope to gain by this determination Here

Netanyahu’s reaction Here

19 Comments on Tomb of Abraham Declared Palestinian Historical Site By UNESCO

  1. “The 12-3 vote, with six abstentions, came on a secret ballot at an annual UNESCO World Heritage Committee meeting in Krakow, Poland.”

    Nothing says legitimacy like a SECRET ballot. Who called for this vote, Joseph Stalin?

  2. When you Have Children that don’t Respect, but sometimes throw and Break their Toys when they get Mad what do You Do ?
    Of Coarse you Hand them a Tiffany Lamp…Right ?

  3. I would like to hear what they think follows their grand proclamation. As long as the site is surrounded by Israel they can forget about getting close enough to even see it.

  4. The “Palestinians” were not around at the time of Avraham.The Arabs are bastard children of Hagar and Avraham. There will never be any peace between them.

  5. In as far as Israelis are de facto Palestinians per se, quid pro quo, ad hoc cogito ergo sum, then therefore veni, vidi, vici, et cetera, and ad nauseum, herewith, UNESCO can lick my balls.

  6. Well, since they overran and ransacked the tomb of Joseph years ago they figured they’d go for a matching set.

  7. Let them try and take it.

    Shove the UN compound into the bay and make it a trailer park. Then
    move their asses to south africa, another place they’ve totally phucked

  8. Funnily enough, the Arabs currently have a large amount of room there now as well. They have exclusive control (except twice a year) of the tomb of isaac, and share half of Abraham’s with the Jews.

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