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Tomorrow Night’s Debate Stage- A Sneak Peek

Pinko has an in over at Hofstra University.

He’s posted a few sneak peek pics of what the stage will look like.


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  1. I guess a Dutch Rudder is valuable after all. This makes no sense, unless Hillary is playing the victim. They hold classes on contract negotiations and they tell you always try and seat your self to the right of your opponent. It’s a position of strength.

  2. where are the handicap grab rails on illary’s podium?
    no colostomy bag excavation ports?
    no epi-pen injection outlets?
    no poopy-britches wipe stations?
    no seizure time-out?
    Hofstra … definitely misogynistic anti-woman … as is Trump, btw


  3. How far away is the closest toilet? Does she have a barf bag? No water for her, Gatorade ? Maybe, with a smidgen of Hennessey.

  4. On the plus side, there seems to be no stool for the faint-of-mind to fall back on.
    On the plusser(?) side, there’s a trash can to rid the stage of the detritus.

  5. +1 for Fisherman’s Friend? – It’s an acquired taste – like licking an old cresote telephone pole. But they work great.

  6. It would be a damned shame if one of those overhead lights broke loose and crushed Hillarys head. Unless they caught it on camera.

  7. The coughing fit will happen. Cameras will cut away and they’ll kill her mic. You’ll hear trump ask hillary if she’s ok. Then they’ll break to a long commercial.

  8. I find it interesting there is all this talk that Trump has not been prepping and ignoring most of his advisors on debate preparation. Leaked from “sources” as usual.

    I wonder if Trump is not setting this up to give a Hillary and her media a false sense of security that tonight will be an easy victory for them. Well we already know that the press has declared Hillary the victor, even if she jumped on all fours and barked like a dog during the debate. Regardless, the way he plays these chumps, I have a feeling he’s got several aces up his sleeve to bamboozle them again tonight.

  9. Illustr8r, LOL on the Fisherman’s Friend!

    I bought a packet once, years ago, when I had this horrible cough that just wouldn’t go away. The person who recommended it to me said, “It’s nasty, but it works.”

    It felt like sucking on my running shoes. But I lost the cough.

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