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Tone Deaf Progressive Moron Comedian Flaunts His Wealth in Poverty Ravaged Haiti

In an effort to stick a finger in Trump’s eye after, presumably, saying that Haiti was a $hithole country, moron Conan O’Brien tweeted a picture of himself on a beach in Haiti, drinking from a coconut. This is a luxury  that is very rare for a Haitian citizen. This particular beach is for high-paying tourists.

More than half the people in Haiti live in poverty – 58.6%

The extreme poverty rate is 24.7 percent.

conan o’brien- Twitter

This picture is actually hurtful to the people of Haiti, one of the poorest nations on the planet, and it does not depict the overwhelmingly horrendous conditions that the average Haitian citizen lives in.

Here’s a photo essay by Jan Sochor depicting the Hunger and Rage in Haiti.

How has Conan the Moron helped? His petulant reaction to what he’s been told the president said just highlights the difference between the haves and the have nots.

Keep in mind, he voted for a have who stole from the have nots.

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  1. I don’t often quote scripture, but when I do.

    And why behold you the mote that is in your brother’s eye, but consider not the beam that is in your own eye? Matt, 7:3

    It gives them a black eye

  2. People that live on poverty-stricken rocks have over time figured out how to dress up a particular shoreline for the revenue it will garner from moneyed people who wish to visit said rock. That’s just a given. It creates jobs for the natives and helps their economy. They’ll even go so far as to build and paint white plywood walls around a resort so that tourists don’t have to look at their perpetual squalor while visiting. I’d bet Conan was golf cart-driven past those very walls.

  3. If you’ve ever traveled to that part of the world you know what artificial environments these resorts are and the hate and animosity most people living around them (unless they benefit but very very few do) have for these places. It’s like how the old serfdom’s must have been like in the middle ages with the fatties and the starvies.

    To flaunt such a behavior in Haiti now surely proves one has a heart of cold hard not-give-a-shits-for-others.

    I don’t walkng around holding up my money and yelling “I’ve got it and you don’t”

  4. Hey Conan; where did all the trees go, on those hills behind you? Dumbass.

  5. There have been some great photoshopped memes of him sipping that drink around Haiti’s more colorful areas.

  6. The watershed of the wave is here and the lefties are sliding down the wrong side FAST.

  7. Haiti is a product of corruption, just like Cuba is. And Conan is one of the many celebidiots that went to Cuba and acted like it was always wonderful (the government built and designated tourist spot, of course)

  8. Another turd floating in Haitian waters. Just what they need.

  9. For his sake I hope that he knows that should he wander off of the resort grounds he stands a good chance of being raped & murdered, not necessarily in that order. Haiti has a murder rate that makes ESTL look like the suburbs.

  10. So I guess we don’t need to send any more aid to Haiti as its so nice there.

    Thanks for the head’s up, Gonad O’Brien.

  11. What a moron Conan is. He’s at a resort owned by one of the cruise lines, which is sequestered off from the rest of the island by an electric fence and armed guards. What a completely ignorant asshole.

  12. Didn’t work this time. Clearing the cache. I have to right click before I get a cursor on the editing box to leave a comment.
    Maybe you’re trying to tell me something?…

  13. Hope Ginger Antoinette loses his job over this, if not his head.

  14. Yes, I’m going to fly first-class to Haiti (over folks who are trying to escape in leaky rafts), stay in an upper class resort where the real Haiti is excluded, tell jokes and interview like-minded clueless liberals while getting paid more than the annual GDP of that country. How cutting edge.

    On the bright side, Conan’s publicity stunt probably provided more economic benefit to Haiti than the Clinton Foundation. That’s a very low bar to clear, though.

  15. Even the liberals have to be gagging at this insensitive, ill-conceived, witless, half-assed attack on Trump. I’m really not sure what point this jackass was trying to make but judging by comments on twitter and the net he failed. Not a big surpise Conan never made primetime.

  16. Remember the warning to Brit tourists in Montego Bay, Jamaica this last weekend. Stat at your resort, there is a war going on outside.

    Revoke Gonad’s white privilege and stick him in a cab driven by a former Rwanda warlord bound for Port Au Prince. They’ve got some coconuts he can slurp on.

  17. A young woman from our church just wrapped up three years spent in Haiti helping run a school. The stories and pictures are heartbreaking and humbling. Wonder what ol Conan thinks about his buds the Clintons anal raping that country – oh wait, he DOESN’T think about it.

    Moron indeed.

  18. He never left the tourist area. Most of his photos are with resort employees and the people right outside the resort on the clean beach side. But as Uncle Al said, there’s still diluted sewage in that water. lol.

  19. That place is a shithole. In fact I see a red turd in the water

  20. He just made the presidents point and spent his own money doing it.

    Our God is so awesome!

    Nice graphic, Fur!!

  21. He’s going to learn the hard way for his little exhibition. In just a few days he’ll be in the emergency room blasting diarrhea across the walls and speckling the staff, racked by intestinal worms.

  22. We used to go to Phantom, Haiti. Impoverished fishing village of about 200 families last I knew. The little boys would always ask us women if we “want to go to da beech?” We were likept, “Sure! I’d LOVE to go to the beach!” The little boys would collapse in fits of giggles.

    Later on finally going to the beach we’d see why… several couples standing up pressed against each other, covered up to their waist or even armpits by the incoming tide, having sex. The only privacy available when you have a three generation family of ten sharing a one room tin shack. Most of these women were prostitutes.

    Ugh, no.

  23. The above post was supposed to read Phaeton, not Phantom Haiti. Damn autocorrect.

  24. Exactly what does he think he is proving by showing that he can afford to fly to a tiny spot in Haiti set aside for the uber rich and fenced off from slums on the other side? And I wonder if the maroon ever ventured outside the gates of his little getaway to see if the rest of Haiti looks like paradise?

  25. He may not know the quantity of unprocessed sewage that he is drinking. He’ll find out soon enough!


    Wealthy white man affords nicest resort in Haiti, and ignores the other side of the island.

    Wow, you really showed Trump a thing or too!

  27. Conan (my guess, or something close):
    Private jet to Haiti.
    Limo’d at high speed from the airport to the resort in 15 minutes.
    Ten minute photo shoot in the water.
    Quick shower.
    On set for two hours.
    Limo’d back to airport.
    Gone three hours after arrival.

    President Trump:
    Helped finance Rand Paul’s 2015 humanitarian trip to provide vision services where they would restore vision for 200 people in Haiti
    From the GUARDIAN: “Kentucky’s fiery junior senator joined a team of eye surgeons on a four-day mission to Haiti, giving vision to nearly 200 hAITIANS who would not have been blind if they lived in the US.”
    ““If Jesus can give me back my vision, I will be happy,” said Saint Fleur, who would soon have a cataract almost the size of a dime removed from his left eye. The aging man, who balances himself with a worn walking stick, said he wanted his vision back simply to see his family again.”
    “He was speechless for a few moments after the white gauze was peeled away. Then he began to smile.
    “I see! I see!” he said, joy spreading across his face. With shaking hands, he began reaching out for nearby medical staff, hugging anyone he could and affectionately touching their faces.
    “I love you,” he told a nurse. “Yesterday I couldn’t see!”

  28. I have a close friend who has been a pilot for over 30 years with an American airline. When he was first hired, his route was JFK to Haiti. It was a turnaround flight. He took his own food and never left the plane. I’ll never forget the stories. They gave new hires that route . I wonder why?
    Conan didn’t fly coach.

  29. How many seconds at this resort can the average Haitian afford on a year’s income, Conan?

  30. That’s right.
    That coconut could’ve fed a family for a few days, and the money blown on airfare and hotel, could have fed them for a lot longer.

    But why not blow a couple of thousand to snub Trump instead of helping people? The women’s marchers do this all the time, instead of pooling resources to um, HELP WOMEN!

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