TONIGHT! Friday – 8:00pm est The U.S. & Eh?! Show w/ @MikeNordstrom3 & @Mr_Pinko

TONIGHT! Friday May 24 – 8:00pm EST – The U.S. & Eh?! Show w/ @MikeNordstrom3 & @Mr_Pinko



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  1. Anymouse’s Wetdream:

    Summer / Fall

    The Trumpster starts dribbling out the evidence of all the ILLEGAL/TREASONIST activities from our friends on the left followed by…

    Fall / Winter Indictments are brought forward by Barr creating…

    The obvious picture in black and white as to what the demonrats and libtards are in fact trying to accomplish and how they have been trying to do it. Most of all, the many things they accuse and point at for what is wrong are seen in fact for what they are guilty of themselves.

    Helping Trump create the perfect storm for his LANDSLIDE election victory with the control of both houses of Congress.

    Please discuss / expand…

    Thank You, thank you very much.

  2. @realJediMan1 on Twitter wrote:

    In the last 24 hrs (roughly) we saw:

    the Krassensteins suspended,

    President Trump gives AG Barr the green light to declassify FISA,

    Smollett case unsealed,

    CreepyPornLawyer indicted,

    Nadler passing out,

    Teresa May to resign,

    SecPompeo says Kerry violated the Logan Act,

    SpeakerPelosi can’t form clean sentences,

    Alabama going after Roe v Wade,

    Stephan Halper sued by Cambridge

    ….are you tired of winning yet?

  3. Regarding the protection of Trump…

    All prejudice aside!

    If they were able to protect the Obumbler, they will certainly be able to do the same for someone who they respect and care for…

    The job is now something they want to do!

  4. Regarding the pressssss…

    Picked up “UNFREEDOM OF THE PRESS” by Levin.

    Book report to follow next week…

  5. D nominees don’t want to do anything because they don’t want to be president. They are just collecting as much money as they can, so when they quit, they can pocket the money.

  6. Anymouse is on the right trac.
    For a landslide to happen everyone needs to do all that they can to help him.
    If they have the same system set up to make phone calls for P.Trump (Starfire) you can set up your own account after you go into the nearest call center (Trump Head quarters) and make calls for him from the comfort of your own home.
    I know that I sound like a broken record about this but we need everyone to help. VOTE! take people to the local voting place, what ever you can do. This is it folks it truly do or die time.
    We are already in campaign season. The first Dem debate is in three weeks.
    We now have a leader that is fighting for us, if we let him down than we deserve all of what we get in the aftermath.
    He has told us that he is fighting for us, the least we can do is fight along side of him.
    I will not forgive anyone who does not do all that they can to help.
    Carry on. This is War.

  7. Mr. Pinko, that comment was just a copy of the tweet by @realJediMan1.

    I actually agree with you about not suspending anyone except for people stating they want to harm someone or incite violence.

  8. Sorry Mr. Pinko and Mr. Mike but I’m listening to you but watching Channel 7. 20/20. The Central Park Jogger case. A disgrace.

  9. “I actually agree with you about not suspending anyone except for people stating they want to harm someone or incite violence.”

    Gotcha Claudia – I agree it’s also a Trump WIN because Conservatives are taking the HIGH ROAD and DEFENDING FREE SPEECH. Twitter should be ashamed.

  10. Want to comment on Mike N.’s remarks about political ideologues. For the past week I’ve been listening very intently to Larry Arnn, President of Hillsdale College, lectures, speeches and panel discussions. The guy is a giant in his knowledge of Churchill (was Sir Martin Gilbert’s associate — Gilbert was Churchill’s official biographer).

    I just listened to a panel debate between Arnn and Jona Goldbrerg regarding POTUS Trump. It was incredibly good, and it was so fun to watch Goldberg get slaughtered by a man who not only a huge intellect but a fantastic debater.

    Watch it if you can:

    “Trump and Conservatism”

  11. AA, I sure love Larry Arnn. I’ve taken several of the online classes from Hillsdale. I recommend them to every conservative.

  12. Claudia — Some time back — I want to say 5 years — Geoff C. and I had the great good fortune to attend a three day National Leadership Conf. put on in Seattle(!) by Hillsdale. There were many excellent speakers and we were able to spend quite a long time talking with Arnn. They put on quite a wonderful conference — the food was amazing! The first night’s keynote was made by Gary Kasparov. And it just got better and better.

    I LOVE listening to Arnn.

  13. ^^ Cool! So nice to hear that about your ‘heroes’!

    Edit: Hey, Geoff! You snuck in here! My comment was for AA. 😉

  14. Just sayin’ The Central Park Jogging Case Documentary was a piece of crap, a waste of time. ABC Channel 7 20/30 sucks.


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