TONIGHT! LIVE! The U.S. & Eh!? Show w/ @MikeNordstrom3 and @Mr_Pinko – callers (323) 870-3371

WELCOME BACK @MikeNordstrom3 & @Mr_Pinko

U.S. & Eh!? Show Monday 8:00pm EST (323) 870-3371


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12 Comments on TONIGHT! LIVE! The U.S. & Eh!? Show w/ @MikeNordstrom3 and @Mr_Pinko – callers (323) 870-3371

  1. The Notre Dame fire and why we’re not supposed to speculate…

    Post on the other thread earlier announcing the broadcast…


  2. “I’ll be eating Veggie Chips on the air.”

    Veggie chips? They’re great dipped in a butter salsa!


  3. What hockey shirt do conservative Canadians wear? You guys don’t have MAGA hatz or yellow vests…. figured it’d be something hockey related.

  4. bernie said that there needs to be better facilities built for the illegal aliens.
    he needs to keep his shirt on- he ain’t drinking beer in the USSR- those facilities are being built- they’re called the WALL

    if he wants to give Medicare to everyone, will I get a refund for all the money I paid during my working history? Or is that how socialism works?

  5. Great Show…

    Only possible downside is we’re preaching to the choir.

    Still good to be refreshed at the church of Mikey & Mr. Pinko.

  6. @Anymouse, great call & comments tonight. I have to say that the show “preaches to the choir” for the sheer need of reguvination. But if party Republicans also listen, it becomes more valuable.

  7. Mr. Pinko was the one that actually helped me understand the “Real game”. It happened when I was a Ted Cruz supporter and he was a Trump supporter. I got gobsmacked when I finally realized that Trump could be right for this time and now (I voted for Trump in the general). And the IOTW community during the primaries was very rough. And BigFur did his best to mediate and protect his site. But it got ugly at times. (Hand wringing as now the democrats have a 100 nominees!)

    But being a grown man, I admitted that I was wrong about Ted Cruz being the best fit for here and now and admitted Mr. Pinko’s Donald Trump as the answer.

    But this is somewhat of what was talked about at the end of the podcast…This seperation from “politics as usual” or “politics as the media dictates it” and being your own person and not playing their game, but making up your own mind on evidence that you can see with your OWN eyes.


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