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32 Comments on TONIGHT! LIVE! the U.S. & Eh?! Show w/ @MikeNorstrom3 & @Mr_Pinko

  1. You guys should do a full 2 hours on women’s soccer. That should bring up the ratings enough to land you a gig on SiriusXM. 😄

  2. I tell you what, I’m up for a fun Tuesday night. So every time you say Trump I will take a swig. Every time you say Hillary I will slap my wife. And if you mention Swalwell, I will shoot myself in the head. Deal?

  3. Let’s talk about Joe Dan Gorman’s Cookout on Aug 3! I decided to go this year, so hoping to see many of you!

  4. I am actually waiting to watch the latest Joe Dan. Because I want to watch it on my big screen. His videos are legendary! I love his music background and I put all 7 speakers on.

  5. the judge in the epstein trial, richard berman, was appointed by bill clinton, and comey’s daughter is one of the prosecutors. Why aren’t they recused?
    Thankfully AG Barr is not recused from the case.
    The reason epstein got a light sentence is not because of Acosta, who was prosecutor, but because of mueller who was head of the fbi at the time. mueller wanted a lessor sentence in exchange for nailing some banksters.
    Logbook for ‘lolita express”:

  6. Claudia — It’s funny, I never paid attention to it until much later in life. What is it about it that makes it your fav?

    (Who is SHOUTING on U.S.&Eh? The caller’s voice is super loud.)

  7. AA, the yeller is Meerkat. I think he must have his phone turned up because it’s always that loud.

    – is science fiction
    – It has some religious overtones (they don’t have control of life, ‘God’ does).
    – It was done as a serious topic, not just a monster-type story
    – They were fairly accurate with the science
    – The were tough; “you come into our territory and bring your ‘shit’ (warmongering and nuclear destruction) and we will destroy you.” Take it or leave it.

    I took some of my friends during college to see it (local library was showing it). The guys started out laughing at it because of the music. At the end, they were all impressed.

  8. Claudia — Geoff C. is the sci-fi fan in our house. Me, not so much. I like because I think Patricia Neil is a fabulous actress — so different in so many ways. And the rest of the cast is really good, too.

    Having come out in 1951, I bet it scared people a lot! UFO’s, aliens, nuclear holocaust, the Cold War. What’s not to love?! 🙂

  9. 323 870 3371 is a very nice lady in Rockland Co. NY who took three of my calls. Som tin Wong Pinko and Michael. WTF?

  10. Speaking of wimmins soccer, I can’t wait for trans (men, wimmin, what are they) to tryout out for the team. C’mon men, step up!

  11. Your phone system is fuckek up. That’s the fastest way I can say it. I can’t get thru to Y’all. Just as well. All I wanted to talk about was how Saul Alinsky is kicking our asses.

  12. Hey Moe! I thought you were going to announce your intention of trying out for wimmins soccer.

  13. Claudia the movie is also about Christ. When Klaatu is brought back live it has a resurrection theme that cant be missed.

  14. The War of the Worlds is on tonight on TCM. Followed by The Forbidden Planet (1956) also one of the best. And then the Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956) All three are worth watching.

  15. A black James Bond is fine, as long as he is British (not a hybrid West Indian/Jamaican/African version. Total Brit. The character in the books was an orphan, so you can go with that. The idea is that he embodies the idle of masculinity, British culture and a loyalty to Queen and country, not social Marxism.

  16. Joe6opak. No. wommins GOLF pay attention. FFS!
    And Pinko’s and Michael’s radio show is still fucked up.
    Just as well, I’m too drunk to make sense of WTF they were talking about tonight. Spent the whole two hours trying to get through. Shit! Coulda been watching “Naked and Afraid” or the fag Schepard Smith.

  17. Moe, wimmins golf is another good example. C’mon guys, this could be your chance! Where are your damn balls?


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