TONIGHT! LIVE! The U.S. & Eh?! Show w/ @Mr_Pinko & @MikeNordstrom3

Monday June 10, 2019 – TONIGHT! 8:00pm EST –
The U.S. & Eh?! Show w/ @MikeNordstrom3 & @Mr_Pinko

Call in #323 870-3371

* Democrat Clown Car Show
* President Trump WIN – Mexico Tariff
* #KAG


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17 Comments on TONIGHT! LIVE! The U.S. & Eh?! Show w/ @Mr_Pinko & @MikeNordstrom3

  1. Talk about gettin’ Canadaland off the stupid metric system. You guys use it for everything except ordering pints of beer.

    I mean, if you were really committed you’d be ordering beer 473.176 milliliters at a time.

  2. Aaron Burr call in.
    They want a good show.
    Hell, everyone call in and make them work.

  3. Call in?

    I’d need some sort of translator.

    Anyway, they never answer any of my questions. Oh maybe they do but I never understand what the fudge they’re sayin’.

  4. As you guys go thru the list of these democRAT clowns, it really makes me think they really must be depending deeply on voter fraud to get one of these nitwits elected!

  5. Moe Tom was great! And JOIN! Go to first, then check your StreetLoc.


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