TONIGHT! LIVE! U.S. & Eh!? Talk Show w/ @MikeNordstrom3 & @Mr_Pinko Nov 13, 2018 (323) 870-3371

U.S. & Eh!? Talk Show w/ @MikeNordstrom3 & @Mr_Pinko Nov 13, 2018 (323) 870-3371


LIVE 8:00pm – 10:00PM EST

* Election Fraud
* Brenda Snipes LOOMERED!
* Arizona Lost
* Florida
* California
* France
* Nancy Pelosi
* 2020

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16 Comments on TONIGHT! LIVE! U.S. & Eh!? Talk Show w/ @MikeNordstrom3 & @Mr_Pinko Nov 13, 2018 (323) 870-3371

  1. I have been screaming about massive voter fraud even before 2016. Why in the heck didn’t anyone work on this for the last two years? I know they didn’t because the Democrats wouldn’t be cheating so publicly.

    &%*$! the established Republicans. They are so afraid that the Democrats will call them mean words, that they give them everything they want.

  2. 2012: The one time Obama had a single person shout out questions during a presser (A no-name Niel Munro from the Daily Caller) was demoninized by his fellow press. (And rightly so). The final quote by Sam Donaldson is precious, “I never interrupted any president while he was making a formal presentation of any sort. You don’t do that, do you?”

    Fake News!

    Rush showing Sam Donaldson shouting out questions to Ronald Reagan in 1983:

  3. Claudia

    I want to send you some idiot Yellow Lab Pics. They are not currently staring over my shoulder so I can type this quickly. LOL


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