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* Toots Sweet new song
* President Trump – The Wall
* MSNBC HEADLINE – “Michael Cohen could ‘bring down’ Trump”
* We Build The Wall campaign $20 million –
* Government Shutdown
* Chuck & Nancy – Sen.Ted Cruz Mocks Schumer, Pelosi Rebuttal Speech — ‘That Thing Looks Like A Hostage Video’
* Jim Acosta Admits Walls Work
* Ben Bergquam Objects To Gavin Newsom Taking Oath To Uphold the Constitution at His Inauguration

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11 Comments on TONIGHT! @Mr_Pinko & @MikeNordstrom3 LIVE 8:00pm – 10:00pm EST

  1. Cohen february distraction is a phoney made for TV Entertainment crisis repeat seen so many times before.
    Merely more Christopher David Steele sitcom scripts written by Evil Schumers Schemers with Wicked Pelosi Dreamers.
    Maybe Avenatti can give a weather report.

  2. Awesome! Thanks for posting earlier. I will tune in from my garage where I am replacing a garage door opener. Should take a couple of hours. I have been listening to the past. I may CALLER!!! CALLER!!! today. So in love with Trump holding his ground! Never would have happened with McCain or Romney.

  3. Mr.Pinko,
    Ever met Bill Kristol?
    Can you help him out?
    He needs cash.
    Asking for a friend.
    Here is the message Billy needs to hear:

    – – – – –
    Bill Kristol,
    Please allow me to introduce you to a guy who can help you.
    He’s got money.
    You want it.
    He wants to give it to you.
    For your Bullwork
    Please meet him here after midnight
    1234 North Laurel Avenue
    West Hollywood
    Ask for Ed

    – – – – –

    Thanks Mr.Pinko,
    Rock on

  4. I woke up this morning, listening to a news report about california’s proposed legislation to ban printed paper receipts. Receipts would be banned, similar to their anti-straw laws.. It sounded like they were selling it. The new law would require a fine for offenders, but would be eased in over time to minimize immediate impact. To ease reception and implementation of the proposed law, it was explained that the first two offenses would be given written warnings.
    They will give a receipt for violating the anti-receipt law.
    Heaven help us.

  5. You are dealing with someone who is unturnable,30-years, etc…he is just an unhappy person looking for everything that will justify his unhappiness.

  6. “The new law would require a fine for offenders”

    And how do they issue that fine? By Mail or Ticket? And you have to mail back the receipt of the fine? LOL


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