TONIGHT! The U.S. & Eh?! Show w/ @Mr_Pinko and @MikeNordstrom3

TONIGHT! 8:00pm EST – The U.S. & Eh?! Show w/ @MikeNordstrom3 & @Mr_Pinko July 2

Call in #323 870-3371
Tuesday night – July 2nd  – 8:00pm – 10:00pm EST


U.S. & Eh?! Show with @MikeNordstrom3 & @Mr_Pinko

* President Trump raises a whopping $105 million in second quarter.
* North Korea DMZ – HISTORY IN THE MAKING. Progressives Complain Trump Not Projecting American Strength
* July 4th Parade
* Colin Kaepernick NIKE
* Canada Day
How about Democrats pay reparations to everyone who’s not a Democrat?
* Russia, Russia, Russia (Is it finally toast?)
* Impeach 45 (Is that over?)
* Build the Wall
* IRAN, I ran so far away…


And much, much MORE

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21 Comments on TONIGHT! The U.S. & Eh?! Show w/ @Mr_Pinko and @MikeNordstrom3

  1. Aaron Burr, if you do not call in I will never buy a used car from you again. The firetruck had no pump.

  2. Happy Canada day Mike. One of the best days ever, 1988 fishing in BC. AA and I love going to your country and fish.

  3. Is Tuesday going to be Guest night?
    And is Friday going to be post a comment night?
    And when is call in night going to be?
    Just asking.

  4. Call in?

    I need one of those U.N. translators with a voice like honey.

    Also, a couple of circus midgets. Don’t ask why. It’s totally a secret.

  5. Aaron, I can stand on a beach ball and not reach the clothes line and I sound like Betty Page under stress.
    Call in next week.

  6. FYI for Audioyologists
    The Live Stream is 32kbps, mono, 44.1
    Currently recording Stream at 1h31m39s = 21.0 MB = 22,024,504 bytes

    The AVG 2 hour postprocessed show file
    128kbps, stereo, 44.1, 2h01m = 112 MB

    PS Live stream cannot be heard on recording unit. Will be listening after stream has ended.


  7. Look, I’ll be honest. I live in Arizona. We have our own clocks out here so I never know when the show is actually on.


    Plus, have you seen me on this site? Why would you want me to destroy an entire radio show?

    OK, OK, let me check with my secretary and we’ll see if I have 15 or 20 minutes available for light entertainment.

  8. 5:11:20 PM Re-Starting download
    6:59:33 PM Done
    6:59:34 PM Download complete

    24.7 MB 25,910,127 bytes

    Missed first 11m


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