Tonight’s Republican Primary Contests

Connecticut · 28 delegates
Last poll closes at 7:00 PM CT
Delaware · 16 delegates
Last poll closes at 7:00 PM CT
Maryland · 38 delegates
Last poll closes at 7:00 PM CT
Pennsylvania · 17 delegates
Last poll closes at 7:00 PM CT
Rhode Island · 19 delegates
Last poll closes at 7:00 PM CT

18 Comments on Tonight’s Republican Primary Contests

  1. To answer your question Tim, Trump is slated to win all 5 and average in the mid to low 40% range and is estimated to get in the upper 50% range of the delegates, so Americans are getting fucked out of about 15% of the delegates that should go to others.

    That’s according to Trump math, not mine.

    Now you know!

  2. Menderman,

    17 go to the winner, the rest are “unencumbered.”

    Whatever happened to “proportional” delegates?

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. It’s 17 delegates.
    PA has something called the Loophole– the rest of the delegates are allocated in a strange way.

  4. Trump wins in Blue states that he will have no chance of winning in November. That’s the truth and the story.

  5. Meerkat Brzezinski. Incorrect. You underestimate the appeal he has do Democrat Blue Collar workers. That are not working.

    He’s got the labor unions freaked out because all their members are going Trump.

  6. Pretty much every state if Trump is the candidate. And don’t even let me go in to the New York bullshit.

  7. Let me just ask one question (and I expect answers), how come Trump does so well in Blue states and Ted Cruz does better in Red States?

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