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Tonight’s Soothiness By BigFurHat

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  1. Fur, you got me hooked. The soothiness a couple of nights ago was also Cloverton. I played the “Hallelujah Christmas” video many many times. I also listened to some of their other videos and was very impressed. So went to their website ( and bought a CD.

  2. I’m getting their albums too. Claudia. Very impressed by these young men and their music. They’re associated with Tobymac, a very outstanding musician and man of Faith – Tobymac was a member of a very popular Christian pop/rock/rap band DC Talk (1987-2000 w/occasional reunions, 2000 to present). My son grew up listening to their music. .

  3. Very nice to hear a prayer sung. Have not heard of these folks before. Have not bought a cd in a long time, but will check out their link listed above.

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