Tony Bennett – 95 Years Old – Sings Final Concert

He’s had Alzheimer’s for the past 4 years.

See how someone can be suffering, but in short bursts they can seem okay? *cough* Joe Biden *cough*

Lady Gaga has hitched her wagon to Bennett in his final years. But, she is actually a real good singer.

Lest you say, sure, that’s a studio recording. Well, here he is singing live, for the final time. (I hate that this is a CBS video.)


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  1. I can’t watch that tonight. Maybe tomorrow. But regarding Biden, at some point in time he might have become a victim. Not that he didn’t earn dying a slow miserable death.

  2. biden* walking out of his press conference today moved like a drunken sloth on crutches.
    It was beyond pathetic.

    Lady Gaga is by far the most beneficial human being on the planet when it comes to cosmetics.
    She is seriously hideous without make-up.
    Bitch can sing, don’t get me wrong, but VERY unattractive.

  3. Alzheimer’s and dementia are terrible things to live through. Singing appears to help him focus, and for that, I am happy.

    I am not a fan of Lady Gaga, but she is supportive of Mr. Bennett, so for that, I will give her props. It is not an easy thing working with those with degenerative mental issues.

  4. Loco
    She did that remake of the old a Star Is Born thing. She’s a lot better looking Then Baba Streisand. Or whatever. What a snaz. Lady Gag Gag. It’s not her appearance that’s ugly. Got no use for her personally.

  5. @LBS ~ Janice Joplin, Barbara Streisand, Etta James … looks (or brains) ain’t got nothing to do w/ pipes

    salute to Mr. Bennett … still pumping it out @ 95 (I hope I last that long) … God Bless you Sir!

  6. LOCO

    Laughing my ass off. Usually when I step in it this hard I say something like, “After thinking about it, youse guys be right”. And go to bed. LOL

  7. Wow; just wow. I missed the show, but back in ’95 when Tony played the HFStival, he was the talk of Progressive Radio for months. He introduced the young crowd to his type of Jazz to wild ovation. They played clips on the radio and he sounded great.

  8. My grand dad mad a couple of suits for him Decades Ago and liked him. (He hated Lee Iacocca)

    I have the Adele Blue Ray “Live at Royal Albert Hall” and an insanely Good Stereo. (took years to build) That was her Peak.

    Now that she Lost the Weight and has been living as an isolated Celebrity she has lost some edge. Her face literally looks hungry and angry at the same time. I tried a few times to listen to her newer stuff but it didn’t Take Hold. I still like her & respect her, but the raw scale, power of her voice & personality have changed. She’s in the Oprah (SOY) Crowd Now and you can hear it easily in her voice.

    Amy Winehouse only had a few songs I liked and my personal opinion is that she only had one sound. Never bought anything from her.

    If anyone would like a listening experience of Classics, Blues, & Americanna give EVA CASSIDY – “Live at Blues Alley” Esp. Fields of Gold, What a Wonderful World, etc. Raw, live, NON PROCESSED. You can actually hear the waitresses collecting glasses at the quiet passages.
    The EVA never made it big before dying of Cancer but has become a legend in Audiophile circles. (I’m not an audiophile) Her family & former Friend/bassist created her albums from years of footage & recordings. Blix Street Records.

    Worth a serious Listen Friends.

  9. Brad, first time I saw Joe Cocker was on SNL in the 80’s.
    I swear I thought it was a spoof.
    No way someone is like that?
    That Beatles song is the only thing that fuck did that was passable.
    Otherwise he can rot.

  10. Fat Adele & fat Oprah will have another special in 2022 complaining about racism, oppression, and “the man” after Adele’s new black hubby blackens her eyes.
    It will be blamed on white supremacy of course.
    mark my words…

  11. I’ll get the Killers Blue Ray.
    Thanks for the tip.

    And Yes, Adele WILL bulk up again and then claim that it was Pressure, Society, & Toxic men that body shamed her into loosing weight.

    It’s always Our/My Fault, or so I have been told…

  12. The rules of the game seem to have shifted. It started out about pure vocals. Now it includes BMI and morals. Wish you fuckers would define the rules of the contest at the beginning from now on. And stick to them.

  13. I have read a number of articles and watched short videos in which dementia patients come “alive” for the period in which they are singing, playing guitar (Glen Campbell) or listening to the music of their youth.
    Music is definitely a “gift from the Gods”.
    As to Adele, I agree that she looks both hungry and angry and that she will gain back the weight. Soprano opera singers NEED the extra padding around the upper chest to provide resonance to their voices.

  14. Brad, when I was growing up in the 60’s I couldn’t stand Patsy Cline. My dad always had KSPO 1230 AM our local cowpie music station on at his gas station and I would be forced to listen to it when I was pumping gas for my dad at his full service Shell station (sell Shell like Hell) and garage as a teenager. Any way as I’ve grown older I’ve come to appreciate Patsy Cline’s music and cowpie music in general especially the older classic country music from the 40’s thru the early 70’s, I don’t think I ever told my dad that. Good grief, I’ve turned into my dad which is not a bad thing.

  15. One of the best descriptions of what we used to call senility, now Alzheimer’s is that its not entirely about forgetting, but an informational insanity of a sort as well due to remembering too much of the past as you lose the ability to realize that’s what it is.

    The short-term memory goes, but the mind also starts to bring up all of your lived experience. When you are younger you can recognize it as storage and draw on it and put it away at will, but some older people tend to lose that ability and start to remember things that happened decades ago as though they were happening now, or happened very recently, to fill the gap in the short-term storage, particuarly if it’s a traumatic or life-changing memory, or one that has troubling associations and was never properly dealt with before. The cartoon tropes like Cotton Hill of “King Of The Hill” constantly bringing up the “Fitty men I killed” or of Granpa Simpson reliving his WWII service is a not-far-from-reality dramatization of this,and they work only because we recognize something of our parents, grandparents, even ourselves in them.

    Also, as you get older and retire and otherwise disengage from timetables and schedules and having a daily thing you’re supposed to do at a certain time, you lose your sense of time. Even if you have a routine, there is no reason for it to vary and one day blends into the next unless something happens, and something ususally doesn’t. I have heard that ships at sea, particuarly submarines with no environmental references, get into a “yesterday/today/tomorrow” thing because things vary so little, and only the person keeping the log actually worries about the date because it just doesn’t matter to anyone else. Seems like, it’s like that.

    You do get cut off from people who DO have schedules to keep and kids to raise, and also everyone gets the urge to pass on what knowledge they have to those youngers any way they can, whether they have an interested audience or not. That’s why Grandpa rambles about his methods of farming vegetables or shooting deer, Grandma goes on about canning preserves and how you’re not raising the grandkids right, and why I type all this stuff into the ether that never gets read as well, I suppose, it’s just the urge to get it all out of ourselves before we die gets stronger the closer we feel we are to the reality of that happening. Just the way we’re wired, I suppose.

    Alzheimer’s patients tend to lose more as time goes on, lose the memories of their kids, maybe even the names of their kids and how many there may be, which is very hurtful to those who love them the most, but also may be God’s way of easing the pain of the senior as the bad memories go with the good, and also prepares the children to accept the inevitable, as it can seem a relief when someone you love deteriorates so badly that you can honestly say they are better off dead. It’s not pleasant to think that and I’ve seen people destroyed by guilt when this happens with ANY long-term disease sufferer passing after a pain-filled decline, it’s not pretty and I don’t like it, but it does make the end seem like a mercy rather than a parting. God’s thoughts are not my thoughts, but that’s how it seems to me, He strips away the person you love for so long that it is more a celebration of a life than a tragedy of parting when someone meets the end we all will meet, especially if they have the Blessed Assurance of Heaven before them.

    I have been in nursing homes and “rehabilitation facilities” for many reasons for most of my adult and a good bit of my teen life, so I’ve seen a lot of decline. When you DO get those lucid moments and flashes of old talents and love, it makes you treasure them all the more, becasue you are very well aware at that point that it may be the last.

    Viewed with that lens, that’s one way you can look at this performance.

    God is letting us share this man’s God-given gifts with us one last time.

    Treasure them becasue that’s what they are.

    And treasure your parents and grandparents’ “good days” too.

    For exactly the same reason.

    At the end of the day, memories are all we will have of each other.

    Make sure you treasure yours as long as they last, until your time comes.

    And it will. Barring accident, it will.

    So treat them as you would be treated, for your time will come as well…


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