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Tony Podesta Sends Cease And Desist Letter To Tucker Carlson

DC: Fox News host Tucker Carlson reported Monday that he received a cease and desist letter from a lawyer representing Tony Podesta over his reporting on the Podesta Group.

The Daily Caller co-founder said, “Podesta isn’t just complaining about us, he’s threatening us.”

He continued, saying that the letter, “demands that the show ‘immediately cease and desist disseminating false and misleading reports about Mr. Podesta and the Podesta group.’ It demands we retract and delete all our prior reporting on the Podesta group and warns that if we don’t do this, ‘Mr. Podesta may pursue legal action, including for damages in order to fully protect his rights.”

Carlson also said, “Podesta’s lawyer wasn’t trying to inform us of anything — but to threaten us, to shut down our reporting on his client. One lawyer we talked to earlier today said the Podesta people have used this tactic with others before, it’s common. It’s an effort to use fear to control press coverage. We’re not intimidated, we have ample evidence from Mueller’s indictment and from a number of confidential sources to paint a pretty clear picture of exactly what the Podesta Group was doing for years here in Washington. We’ll let the facts speak for themselves, and we’re confident the Mueller investigation will be revealing a lot more about his lobbying practices in the near future.”  MORE

12 Comments on Tony Podesta Sends Cease And Desist Letter To Tucker Carlson

  1. I hope Podesta likes orange jumpsuits. What a crook.

  2. And some of Podesta’s crimes would only *be* crimes if there were people using his *services*. Where are the buyers and when will they be indicted?

  3. Gee maybe Trump should copy that letter and send it to the MSM.

  4. I’m glad to see Tucker didn’t take this too seriously. Has anyone heard anything about the Halloween Eve lunch with Trump and Sessions? I sure would like to know what the heck our AG is up to.

  5. I suspect Tucker’s going to tease and persist, instead.


  6. Tucker’s showing more spine than I expected.
    Good for him.

    Mueller is pure Deep State. Hard to imagine the Clinton crime empire have decided to throw Tony the lesser Podesta brother off the bus.
    Maybe like the Weinstein boys this is sibling’s revenge. Or Kabuki theater to make Mueller appear “impartial ” as Uranium One revelations unfold.

    Lively times.

    I saw Jeff Sessions today on a milk carton. The contact number to call was the DNC.

  7. Tucker has the law on his side. He is reporting truth and well sourced information.
    That lawyer was just sending up chaff to mollify the weak minded client

  8. Hey Tony, remember a couple of weeks ago when PDT questioned why some broadcasters are allowed to keep their licenses after so many lies? And everybody went all “oh no you don’t because first amendment and stuff” on him? You need to remember that, asshole.

    Ms. Clinton, what are you going to do about bullying?

  9. Even Jake Tapper is siding with Tucker on this (and the usual idiots are slamming him for it). Podesta’s lawyer is a snake. Just like his client.

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