Took a year- but Antifa dirtbag finally arrested for smashing car with baton

Oregon Live-

Portland police arrested a man suspected of using a metal baton to smash a luxury sedan as the car pushed through a throng of demonstrators more than a year ago in an encounter that blossomed into a national news story.

Shaun Clancy, 37, was booked Wednesday into the Multnomah County jail on a felony allegation of first-degree criminal mischief stemming from the Oct. 6, 2018, dustup.

Officers found a pair of brass knuckles on Clancy when they arrested him as well as a stun gun with an “Antifa” sticker pasted on it, according to police. Clancy now faces an additional allegation of carrying a concealed weapon.

Last year’s heated episode unfolded during a march to protest the fatal police shooting of Patrick Kimmons, a 27-year-old black man, where more than 100 people took to the streets in downtown Portland.

Kent Houser, 75, was driving his silver Lexus north along Southwest Fourth Avenue when he approached the group marching down the street in his direction.

Video of the incident shows Houser’s sedan slowly turn east onto Salmon Street as a handful of protesters trail alongside his car. Some can be heard yelling. Others appear to strike and hit his vehicle.


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  1. Notice thru out the video not one single cop to be seen. The natural supposition would be that they are all lilly livered cowards in the order of Scot Peterson but a better guess would be that they were given the “stand down” order. Big lib cities would much rather surrender the streets to the mob, then come back later for the cleanup.

    Why did the driver stop down the street and get out of his car, what an idiot? He is damn lucky he got out alive.

    The “Carrying a concealed weapon” charge might garner some jail time but that little tap with his baton is nothing compared to the usual antics of ANTIFA.

    The Rule of Law means nothing when protected classes (The Deep State, ANTIFA, illegals) are immune from its dictates.

  2. @ Rich Taylor NOVEMBER 22, 2019 AT 3:42 PM

    The concept of vigilantism says that government has a monopoly on the dispensation of justice. Legitimacy of this monopoly demands that the police response to events like this be proportional. Claim that government was holding up their end of the deal must at least pass the straight face test.

    I believe that we are on the precipice, that either government clean up it’s act or government in places like Seattle and Portland is going to lose it’s legitimacy soon.

  3. In some ways, when the SHTF and the cuffs are off, certain EVENTS are going to feel very rewarding.

  4. @JDHasty

    “Proportional” can be defined in a hundred different ways. My definition (which you probably subscribe to) is that they have a contractual duty to enforce the law, so when a mob swarms and vandalizes a vehicle, smashes store windows or verbally threatens innocent bystanders, the cops need to intervene. How the big lib city Chiefs define it is that any police interference into ongoing criminal activity would be “provocative” and would only inflame the mob further, best to let them go nuts then clean up the mess afterward. If someone gets assaulted and a cop in the area does nothing, should the police be sued? You bet your ass. This is a textbook dereliction of duty.

    Also, factor in that if they have a pussy DA who does not file charges on anyone arrested, this further promotes the notion, “Better just to back off, why risk me getting hurt arresting someone who will not be charged?”.

  5. @Rich Taylor

    SCOTUS has already ruled that the police have “no duty to protect”.

    Therefore, they are not obligated in any way to interfere in the commission of a crime. Not to protect the victim, the perpetrator, the property, or the public peace.

  6. SO from now on all you PantyFas, be prepared to be hit with the car, cudgel, or bullet.

  7. @JDHasty November 22, 2019 at 3:54 pm

    > or government in places like Seattle and Portland is going to lose it’s legitimacy soon

    Like next Tuesday

  8. @Mark

    I would sue them not for “duty to protect”, but for dereliction of duty;

    “3.20.110 Duties of Police Force.
    The police force of the City shall at all times of the day and night within the boundaries of the City preserve the public peace, prevent crime, arrest offenders, protect rights of persons and property, guard the public health, preserve order, remove nuisances existing in streets, roads, public places, and highways, report all leaks and other defects in water pipes and sewers, and street lights not burning to the proper authorities, provide a proper force at every fire in order that thereby the firemen and property may be protected, protect strangers and travelers at the steamboat and ship landings and railroad stations, and generally obey and enforce all ordinances of the City Council and criminal laws of the State and of the United States.”

  9. There’s Penal codes in every state that give you the right to protect yourself, your family, and your property during civil unrest, riots, when LE can’t. Think Korea town.
    Try that in Settle or Portland and you’re probably going to jail and getting charged with murder. Eventually you would most likely be found innocent. These ANTIFA assholes are looking to test those laws. I hope someone, with a lot of money, takes them up on it someday. About 10 or 12 of them laying dead in the street might have an impact on this crap. And you can blame the local Government for their deaths.

  10. A shame these people don’t have to work for a living at a responsible job.

    They might act differently if they did.

  11. So the DHS is totally IMPOTENT and incapable of protecting our Nation.
    You pay $BILLION$ for “homeland security” but it is NEVER around.
    DHS an agency with approximately 240,000 employees and a budget of nearly 100 billion dollars. But they cannot actually STOP Domestic Terrorism that is right there on TV !!!

    Why doesn’t Trump have the DHS going after these antifa TERRORISTS? Where is the DHS Director?
    Where were the PANSIES from Department of Homeland Security?Where are the SELF PROCLAIMED “heroes” of Homeland Security that should be arresting the DOMESTIC TERRORISTS who are using violence and the threat of violence in the furtherance of their political aims ……. which is the exact definition of TERRORISM ?! They are padding their overtime, counting their perks, dreaming of their “double dipper” retirements at YOUR expense.
    “I am a HERO from Homeland Security and you must WORSHIP me and “Thank me for serving”” ——— CRAP on DHS ……. coward bitches run and hide — DHS could not protect a pizza pie from Michael Moore.

    Anyone engaging in DOMESTIC TERRORISM and attacking the FREE SPEECH of Americans ….. should be BANNED FOR LIFE from receiving EBT/Food Stamps, Public Assistance, Unemployment Benefits, Student Loans, or any form of Government Aid.

  12. I would love to see how Mr. Clancy and his stun gun and brass knuckles fare against a .40 cal S&W round. Purely for scientific purposes, of course.

  13. Shaun Clancy, 37 had better be gay, He will be when he leaves Jail…He’s going to get a Butt Hurt like nobody else has. a 37 yr old pussy deserves a good f**king.


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