Top 10 Dangerous Fake Foods Of China

Turning rat into lamp, pork in the beef and industrial chemicals into eggs, this video from “China Uncensored” reviews some of the worst cases of fake and fraud in China’s food supply. Watch

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  1. I know it’s a typo. But I like the idea of “Turning rat into lamp.” I want to put one in the window. To light the bats safely home.

  2. Everything china is now suspect: their poisoning of our country – politically, a d product poisoning – it’s all poison.
    First, we have to get America politicians and new people and education hacks on the chi com payroll out of jobs and in prisons.

  3. I don’t eat any lousy stinking chink food. If it says made in China or product of China I will not touch it Sam I am. Do fake chicken eggs produce fake chickens? Or is that where chicken nuggets come from, we used to joke that they were made from beaks and feet. Anyone for chink pink slime. And I thought that baloots were gross, guess I was wrong.

  4. TRF Personal Rule No. 1: Eat no food from China!
    TRF Personal Rule No. 2: Eat no Chinese restaurant food.
    Now people can eat wherever they want, but China and their Communist rulers have broken every fundamental trust on this planet! At this point why should I trust where a Chinese restaurant might procure their supplies? Hell they probably don’t know themselves where it ultimately comes from and frankly I doubt that they even care so long as its cheap… and the last time I checked, restaurants don’t have to list where the food comes from.

  5. Disgusting-best to avoid anything from there. I used to buy from Bulk Supplements but they’re on the no way list now.

  6. Under Obama and the Dems in 2015 guess what happened?
    Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said, The USDA will no longer enforce the Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) requirements for beef and pork products because COOL was repealed by Congress.
    The lefty shitheads appear to NOT have our interests at heart.

  7. Label the source of all foods except China. There would be no marking to reveal where they are from.

  8. His youtube channel is called “China Uncensored”.
    He should change it to “China Is Asshole”.

  9. You truly often don’t even know anymore. I always look at food I buy and see where it came from and I already knew about the whole bait and switch about made in USA, packaged or processed in USA. Doesn’t mean a whole lot unless it says a Product of USA and apparently sometimes that doesn’t even tell the real story, because they can grow fruit and veggies here, then send them to China to be processed and then sent back here to be packaged. Same with pork and chicken.
    Then I didn’t realize until all of this bullshit that almost all of our vitamins, antibiotics, tylenol and ibuprofen comes from China.

    I have argued for years that anything that has any part of China or any other country should clearly be labeled as such. Especially when it comes to food.

    It’s why even when I’m running low on our home grown food, I don’t buy anything from WalMart and find out which name brands come from other countries. I discovered a long time ago by reading labels from WalMart brands it always says, packaged, processed or made in USA and very few of their products ever say a Product of USA.

  10. Oh boy. The Chicoms are getting close to making food as nasty and fake as the hydrogenated vegetable oils we find in our prepackaged foods or buy to cook with. The process to make it is probably more disturbing than any of the fake Chicom foods in the video.

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