Top 10 Dirtiest Players in NFL History


Thursday, the Chicago Bears square off with the Green Bay Packers. The two storied NFL franchises have hated each other for a long time.

One of the reasons for the vitriol happened 30 years ago, when Packers defensive lineman Charles Martin delivered one of the dirtiest plays seen in NFL history when he slammed Bears quarterback Jim McMahon to the ground well after he attempted a pass. The play resulted in a torn rotator cuff for McMahon and a two-game suspension for Martin.

Here is a list of the top 10 dirtiest players in NFL history:

10. Cortland Finnegan

Finnegan was drafted in the seventh round out of a small school, Samford University, so he likely used being overlooked as his motivation to be violent. Voted the third dirtiest player by his peers in 2012, the cornerback tried picking a fight with a much bigger Houston Texans wideout Andre Johnson. It did not go well.

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  1. The list is bogus without Conrad Dobler, the dirtiest offensive lineman in history. He punched Mean Joe Greene, kicked Merlin Olson, and bit numerous defensive linemen. They made a Miller Lite commercial about how dirty a player he was.

  2. Deacon Jones (hall of fame DE from the once again LA Rams) developed the head slap….Rich Jackson (The Sheriff) of the Denver Broncos in the late 60’s/70’s, perfected it and got the head slap banned from the NFL….watch some video, it’s brutal…

  3. I guess that must mean that Michael (MOOCH) the 225 lb linebacker did not play in the NFL!

  4. I was surprised Burfict is still a Bengal. I would have kicked him off the team after the Bengals lost a won game against the Steelers in last years playoff. He is a jerk.

    Turkey Jones should have gotten an honorable mention for throwing Terry Bradshow over his shoulders 5 seconds after the whistle blew. Bradshaw landed head first and was out thecwhole season. Ugly is too kind of a description fot the rest of that Browns-Steeler game. I give the Browns credit for canning him at the end of the season. The Steelers probably would one the Super Bowl that year (1977?).

  5. like most lists of this type, all the players mentioned are mostly from the writer’s lifetime frame … no research … just a bunch of buddies hanging out after work in a bar type of arguments

    players in the 50’s, 60’s were just as mean, if not meaner … they didn’t have a lot of cameras, or referees as today & got away w/ much more …. heck back in the ’40’s, in the non-facemask days a particular defenseman was beating the crap out of quarterback Sammy Baugh. Baugh told his linemen to let the player through, & when he rushed Baugh, Baugh threw the football square in his face, knocking him out.
    … oh well, … second down!

  6. King Kong Suh needs to be ejected from his car through the wind shield and into a brick wall.
    James Harrison does seem to have toned it down a bit since came out of retirement.

  7. @MJA

    Should have learned from that Packer guard
    Guy will try to cleat ya in the nards
    Listen people what I’m telling you
    Guard your balls from Ndamokung Sue

  8. Actually you shouldn’t be too hard on Suh here Watch carefully what the Packer guard does to him. He should have been tossed as well


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