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The only thing the elite media hates more than America is Americans. How else to explain why the mainstream media is relentlessly willing to frame us for hate crimes we didn’t commit. Time and again and again, and with nary a shred of evidence, for decades the media have dropped all pretense of basic journalistic standards — you know, like verification — and, armed with only their own bigoted wishful thinking and preconceptions, never fail to charge full-speed ahead to breathlessly blow up one phony hate crime after another.  

This year alone there were ten — ten! — bogus hate crimes (and I probably missed some) that received serious local and/or national media traction before being debunked as hoaxes.

Put another way, in the media’s zeal to frame Americans as bigots, the media are willing to repeatedly undermine their own credibility in the hopes that just one of these will stick.

And it is the media who are the hoaxers here, not the pathetic nobodies who dreamed up the hoax. Because after a long and sordid history of breathlessly throwing multiple spotlights on hate-crime hoaxers, future hate-crime hoaxers know they will get all kinds sanctimonious media attention before any kind of actual journalism takes place (if it ever does).

Put simply, the media are the megaphone, enabler, inspiration, and Godfather of Hate-Crime Hoaxes.

Keep in mind that this is the very same media that immediately dismissed the “knock-out game” as worthy of serious coverage as hate crimes or anything else.

Also keep in mind that it is almost never the mainstream media that does the hard work of investigating these hoaxes. Instead, the media see their role as stenographers to liars and are then caught offguard when the inevitable debunking occurs through the effort of a skeptical someone actually interested in the truth.

We’ll start with my personal favorite hoax…. MORE


5 Comments on TOP 10 MEDIA HATE-CRIME HOAXES OF 2013

  1. There’s no way the MFM works as a reliable business model. I’ve believed for some years now that multibillionaires like Soreass and Doomberg have been staking them because “Who controls the media controls the country.”

  2. Big hat tip to John Nolte. To me, he is the best in the business at revealing the dishonesty emanating from the corrupt former mainstream media.

  3. And you know something, not a single one of these fraudsters reached the bar set years ago by my favorite hate-crime hoaxster, the erstwhile Ms. Tawana Brawley.

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