Top 5 Creepy Chinese Science Experiments

*Warning: Slightly gross, disturbing.

This video is the second segment from China Uncensored’s new half-hour show format. For the full episode, visit…

9 Comments on Top 5 Creepy Chinese Science Experiments

  1. So …. if you transplant bob’s head onto john’s body it the result legally considered bob or john?

    Many things to be considered here.

  2. Jeeze, the anti China propaganda is relentless, I get it. WW3 (The Greatest Challenge) is imminent.

    I……I stole that from the Rocky 3 poster. Plot seems the same.
    You know, undefeated champ, top of his game is suddenly challenged by a ruthless up and comer. In this case, Mr.T’s role of Clubber Lang will be performed by China.

    Anyway, we lose Burgess Meredith again but we come back from initial defeat to regain the championship, but more importantly, our dignity.

    I…. I don’t know who plays Apollo Creed in this version…. most other nations seem to be total dicks about this whole deal.

  3. So do they use 3M Scotch Brand Cellophane Tape to hold the heads on?
    If they transplanted baboon’s @$$ onto Hillary’s neck could we tell the difference? Just a thought.


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