Top 5 Libtard Failures in 2015 – IOTW Report

Top 5 Libtard Failures in 2015

Paul Joseph Watson does not pull punches-

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  1. With so many examples of left wing stupidity out there how in the world do the libs have any support anyplace. The collective ignorance, and laziness of 50% of our population is appalling. And these parasites keep voting, and keep reaching into our pockets.

  2. As soon as “Caitlyn” discovered that he/she/it wasn’t going to be charged with manslaughter in his car accident, he decided to go back to being a dude. Hey, if I was going to prison, I’d prefer to go to Callie Girly Gaol® versus California Mainline Men’s Prison. It’s a choice between being a lesbian or a big, bad someone’s bitch.

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