Top Biden Adviser Repeatedly Referred to Coronavirus as ‘Wuhan Virus’

Breitbart: A top adviser to Joe Biden repeatedly described the Coronavirus as “Wuhan virus” earlier this year, around the same time the former vice president was castigating political opponents for doing likewise.

Ronald Klain, who led the Obama administration’s response to the Ebola outbreak in 2014 and is now an adviser to Biden’s presidenital campaign, took to social media in January to give his thoughts on the burgeoning pandemic. In a series of posts, Klain openly referred to the contagion as the “Wuhan virus,” a term many, including his boss, would later claim has racial and xenophobic overtones.

“The level of concern over the ‘Wuhan virus’ is escalating quickly here in the US and globally,” Klain wrote on Jan. 20th. “Is the Trump admin equipped to manage this? Lots of great career people in the agencies — but something like this requires leadership at the top.”

In another tweet sent the following day, Klain again referred to the virus by the city in China from which it originated, when warning that a public health crisis lay ahead.

“We don’t yet know how large a the ‘Wuhan’ Coronavirus poses,” Klain wrote in one tweet. “But sooner or later, a pandemic is coming our way, and the world is not ready.” more

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  1. RATz: Do as I say, not as I do… with no real accomplishments to show for it.
    In over a HALF CENTURY!!

    President Trump: Demonstrates the old saw: Actions speak louder than words!
    In less than THREE YEARS!

  2. Bonehead media can’t figure it out.

    China tried to project its faults (like all leftists do) on to the U.S. by claiming we spread it.

    Trump is throwing it back in their face, and restoring Anerica’s honor, by publicly labeling it the Chinese virus, making them own it.

    Commie media playing defense for them.


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