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Top Carson fundraiser quits campaign

WaExaminer: A top fundraiser to Ben Carson’s presidential campaign reportedly quit Wednesday after unsuccessfully trying to reinstate an ousted adviser.

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Bill Millis, once a member of a three-person fundraising board for the former neurosurgeon’s presidential bid, told the Wall Street Journal that he resigned Wednesday in an email to Carson after he tried to have Terry Giles rehired. Giles was pushed out of the campaign in November.

An heir to a sock-manufacturing company in High Point, N.C., Millis had been a loyal member to Carson’s team since his famous speech at the National Prayer Breakfast in 2013. However, the former Carson fundraiser’s call for Giles to be rehired in a CEO-type role overseeing campaign manager Barry Bennett and chief strategist Ed Brookover fell on deaf ears.  read more

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  1. Such an odd comment for them to make, that “Mills departure will not alter the campaign in any way..” Makes one wonder why he was there in the first place if his leaving has no affect on what they are doing. He was a board member of what appears to be a very small campaign organization. I’m sure his departure will have no small impact, if nothing more than to signal some sort of trouble for Carson.

  2. Wait…Carson…Carson…I’VE got it!
    Isn’t he the guy who plays Herman Cain in
    “2016 – You’re Fired!”?!

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