Top Former Intel Official: Trump Has To Clean House At The CIA

Multiple former intelligence officials told Pollock the whole thing looks like a massive underground campaign inside an intelligence community ticked off at Trump and partial to former President Obama to undermine the new administration.

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Sounds like Trump is going to have to break out the industrial strength cleaning supplies.

13 Comments on Top Former Intel Official: Trump Has To Clean House At The CIA

  1. The swamp may need to be drained, but this cesspool needs to be emptied before the swamp is addressed, if you ask me.

  2. It doesn’t make any difference how long I’ve been there, or what they do. Send the former seal in to “explain the rules*” to everybody who wants to hang around. Get out, and stay out, and keep your big mouth shut!
    * from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid

  3. Time to find out who the leakers are and give them the GTFO notice ASAP, preferably shoved deep down their stinking pie holes.

  4. There are a whole herd of people at the State Department that could easily be charged with espionage and treason, with what is already known. The CIA is likely the same.

    We have people in these agencies that are putting the interests of another nation ahead of those of America. These people need to go away, and it does not matter how this is done.

  5. These administrations are carbuncles that need cleaning out. Especially those that contain muslim plants, like viruses poisoning their host. Fire them all, then ask questions.

  6. No doubt, THRUSH and KAOS play a hand in the doings of the Agency. Not to worry–Trump will get on it right away.


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