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Top Jeb! donor: I’ll vote for Hillary over Donald

At this point, you’d think Jeb! would have jumped over the counter and duct taped this guy’s mouth shut, because what he said shows he has no confidence in Jeb! His ‘top donor’ is throwing a daybed-worthy hissy fit and it’s hilarious.

cry  on daybed

“If I have a choice — and you can put it in bold — if I have a choice between Trump and Hillary Clinton, I’m choosing Hillary,” Miami healthcare magnate Mike Fernandez told the Miami Herald on Friday. “She’s the lesser of two evils.”  Story here

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  1. Why would a conservative support, let alone, donate large amounts of money to JEB? They wouldn’t !

    This a clear indication of a corporate RINO progressive buying JEB for future benefits, contracts and consideration.

    If he doesn’t get what he wants from JEB, Hillary has a long track record of Quid pro-quo deals in the world of politics.

    This guy is willing to betray anyone to get what he wants.

    Trump doesn’t WANT your kind of “support,”
    and neither do we Americans.

    Move to Cuba, where Hillary’s sort of politics is already in full swing.

  3. To Hell with the GOPEE establishment! They can shove it as far as I am concerned anymore. I will not vote for the establishment candidate of either party. These dolts just don’t get it, all they want to do is to keep the status quo in their hands. I think 2016 will surprise the Hell out of these establishment bastards just like the 1968, 72, and 1980 Presidential elections did. The American people are fed up with these jerks and I believe after 8 failed yrs. of obummer will take the country back. We can’t go on like this any longer lest we be destroyed by the gutless, cowardly, chicken shit and willing actions of a feckless GOPEE party who will do anything to appease the fucking democraps, much to our peril. The GOPEE is dead to me. Bite me, you establishment bastards! I can not and will not hold my nose again to vote for another loser. Dole, McCain and Romney all lost and shouldn’t have. Send us a leader with balls and the guts required to stand up against not only pisslam but political correctness and kick both their asses out of this country forever.

  4. Stop thinking about or qualifying the spectrum of progressive to conservative. Simply hold the image of puppeteer donors/PACS/lobbyists as the people running the table. They DO NOT CARE about party politics. They are looking for those political prostitutes whom they can pimp for their interests. Period.

    If ever there was a time to bar the door it is NOW!

    Trump/Cruz 2016!!

  5. And, frankly, I hope Trump chooses a running mate way outside the beltway. Until Cruz can unhitch himself from his own PACS and special interests, he’s tainted too. I am sorry if this doesn’t sit well with some people, but it’s true. If we are going to rail against moneyed interests ruling the people of the U.S., we should guard against making exceptions. It is just that important — to me, anyway.

  6. Although I doubt it was intentional as such, Michell Malkin’s new book, “Sold Out” is a real nail in the coffin of Cruz’s campaign, in that it highlights the destruction of American jobs via H1-B foreign employees…something Cruz had pointed said he wanted to increase dramatically.

  7. Czar — What troubles me most is the Toby Neugebauer connection. He’s the main funder of one of Cruz’s “Keep the Promise” PACS. His father is Texas congressman Randy Neugebauer. Neugebauer the Younger relocated his family to Puerto Rico so that his son could learn spanish — or that’s his story. Coincidently, PR is also a lot easier on very rich peoples’ taxes. That’s not a bad thing in and of itself, but it does point to a level of wheeling-dealing that is not available to the average voter and the kind of thinking that feeds the crony beast.

  8. “I need special treatment and by God if my little whore can’t get elected I’ll switch to the next little whore.”

  9. This guy was already shilling for Jeb, his support for Hillary seems pretty logical.
    The amount of money they spend on either or any candidate is a pittance compared to how much they can loot and steal if one of their own gets in.
    It’s like being able to walk up to a roulette wheel and place a $1 bet on red AND black and walking away with five or ten dollars when either color “hits”.

  10. Yeb, take your toys and go home, nobody likes you or wants to play with you, you are a brat.

    If Yeb doesn’t get elected class president his daddy wont donate the money for the homecoming parade.

    If Yeb cant be captain of the football team, daddy wont buy the new team uniforms.

    If Yeb does not get to play shortstop and bat 3rd, daddy wont donate the new astroturf field.

    Fuck you Yeb, everyone hates you anyway. So if you dont get your way with the people you supposedly care so much about and want to represent so much then you will destroy them and their children and support the terrorist Hitlery…. how sad and pathetic you petulant brat.

    I am nearing “hatred” status for the entire Bush family on par with the evil Clinton shitbags.

  11. If that’s the case, Mike, why don’t you convince Yeb to run as a Democrat? That party desperately needs a candidate to the right of Clinton and Sanders, even if only a little bit to the right.

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