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Huge Update On Georgia Election Audit – War Room – HOLY COW!!! Georgia SHOULD NOT have been certified for Biden. Trump Won Georgia folks – GUARANTEED it is coming out – War Room EXPLOSIVE Clip

BREAKING HERE FIRST – PROVEN ELECTION FRAUD IN GEORGIA!. Newly Released Evidence Reveals GA Audit Fraud And Massive Errors – CD Media  (Todd from CD Media is on War Room vids today as well see link below this one)

Huge Update on Georgia Election Audit – FULL Morning Show – EXPLOSIVE – the MOST IMPORTANT full show you might see all year. – War Room Video (Clip on top and all over – MUST SEE) 

Full presser with VoteGA on 2020 election fraud (The Fuse is lit folks. After Arizona goes Trump in just weeks, Georgia will explode and the corrupt Republicans in charge are doomed. Here is the spark in the powder room – BOOM – Independent Sentinel 

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  1. I just finished listening to this morning’s “War Room.” Not just double scanning the same ballots for Joe Biden but outright fraud in the audit tallies themselves; blatant, obvious and should be prosecutable fraud.

    Fulton county should be tossed, the results from Georgia rescinded, investigations conducted and prosecutions done.

  2. The election fraud goes beyond just the Presidential race but the Senate races as well. Anybody with half a brain in GA knows that.

  3. IMO, the 2020 election was the greatest attack on our country , ever and it was done by our own citizens.
    The Big Lie was the Big Steal.

  4. As Americans are we going to allow Beijing Biden and VP Skank be allowed to take the United States down the crapper? 🤔

    Time will tell, but I ain’t holding my breath. 🤨

  5. I want to see some people get prison time. When I do, I will begin to regain my faith in the system.

    Has this been verified or is this more of the “something big is about to happen” we have been fed for years?

  6. What will happen?
    SCOTUS is balless.
    The media has no morals.
    The GOP are mostly swamp rats.
    The FBI is probably complicit.

  7. I keep seeing references to Favorito’s “full presser” but all I find are short clips from Bannon’s War Room. Can anybody post a link to the presser, please?

  8. Speaking of Kracken, I just heard the name of Seattle’s new NHL team’s arena: Climate Change Arena, FFS.

  9. And this really explains the rush to vaccinate everyone, harass everyone, get their spy apparatus in place in every state with the DC police, illegally access and read texts, divide the country with race, LBGT, CRT, flood the country with illegals along with spending the last 16 months demoralizing everyone. Can we just go on offense for once?!

  10. Cheating wasn’t done in any rural counties because they don’t know how to run a copier or scan a document.

  11. RadioMattM, back in civilization it was the Washington State Coliseum. It was originally the centerpiece of the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair (which I attended) and was built to house the ‘World of Tomorrow’ exhibit of the fair. Back in civilization we still dreamed of the world of tomorrow as a world that be part of the free world and getting better and better to no end.

  12. @Alan — Thanks for that link!

    Perhaps the screaming headlines mislead me into thinking that there was an actual press conference where the revelations in the release were offered in more detail, and perhaps with a Q&A. Don’t get me wrong, the release is important and contains new info, but as usual I’m left wanting more. Silly me.

  13. @RadioMatt Yes, that’s the name of the new arena. It’s embarrassing. Much of the stuff coming from the team build is all woke BS. New daily rainbow Pride wallpapers for your phone and computer with the Kraken logo, local stories focused on women’s/girls hockey, gay men’s hockey league, how green the stadium will be and it’ll save the planet. A lot of hockey fans are sick of it and think Seattle will be the most hated team in the NHL before any puck drops. Lotsa comments are,” Can we f*ckin’ talk about hockey?!? Enough already!” Since they picked the head coach the endless prattle about equity/woke subjects has eased up. Maybe they got the hint?!? I doubt it though. They are playing to their progressive city and forgetting it’s…hockey. If there’s ever a transgendered player they’d play for the Kraken. We were super excited about the team. Now? We’ll see. I don’t want to cheer against them like I do for the Mariners and Seahawks!

    (sorry, didn’t mean to hijack the thread)

  14. I’m sure Biden and Kamalala will resign and take their whole administration with them when it is proven they lost the election.

    Never mind, I’m just drunk again….

  15. I also read that the city might charge an arm and a leg for parking to see things at CPA. Yeah, that’s what you want to do — charge exorbitant admission fees and exorbitant parking fees to see people who fly all over for people to see them.

    How long before the Kracken leave for greener (pardon the expression) pastures because people could not afford to go see them so the team goes into bankruptcy?

    I heard an old Chuck Bolland sports commentary on KJR from 1969 where he said that a cup of coffee at a Seattle Pilots game at Rainier Field cost more than a cup of coffee at Rosalini’s 401. Yeah, let’s do that again. Hey, is Milwaukee looking for an NHL team? We might have one for them next year — cheap.

  16. Paul wasn’t making any sense — thankfully there IS an edit feature for people like Paul.

  17. @RadioMatt It’s going to be crazy expensive to attend a game. We’ll watch on the NHL channel till the novelty wears off. We also won’t drive and park there-almost a guarantee your car will get broken into…or AntiFa will break out to protest capitalism or Canada or whatever the F. There are many many reasons to stay away.

  18. Irrelevant. Should it ever get far enough, which is neigh unto impossible on it’s own, Roberts has the spine of a quahog.

  19. I have been posting that PRESIDENT Trump got more legitimate votes for President of the United States since November. That was not a guess, that was not wishful thinking, that was a thoughtful analysis of information available to the public. Data has a value associated with it based on its likelihood of being valid… or not. All indications pointed in one direction whenever ant suspect data turned up. The probability that more legitimate votes were cast for Biden shrinks to insignificance as soon as any valid examination of the process, the ballots or enthusiasm of the respective supporters is weighed. This is so transparently obvious that any other conclusion is ludicrous. Not, unlikely. Preposterous on its face.

  20. Still waiting for the ‘news’ from the AZ audit, imminently to be released directly after the audit was completed. Spider webs are gathering dust on anyone still waiting.

    WOLF, WOLF, WOLF, WOLF, WOLF, WOLF, wol, wo, w, oh hell just another ‘Lucy pulling the football’ trick.

  21. To my knowledge, our illustrious Georgia Legislature and RINO Governor have done NOTHING to replace the Dominion voting machines. Those are the machines that can be programmed or remotely manipulated to produce whatever outcome the cheaters desire… regardless of all the window dressing “election integrity “ laws they enact.

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