Top Malaysian Newspaper Tells Its Readers How To Spot Gay People


A top newspaper in Malaysia has produced a guide on spotting homosexuals on the street. It may sound nuts, but the Guardian has some of the tips from the daily Sinar Harian. Gay men, it seems, are partial to facial hair and branded clothing, “like to wear tight clothes to show off their six-pack abs,” and frequent the gym not only to work out but to watch other men work out. Lesbians, on the other hand, are always hugging each other, holding hands, and saying bad things about men.


One might say, “well, this is certainly informative, I guess, but why print it?”

Then you realize Malaysia jails homosexuals for 20 years.  One might say the newspaper is a bit irresponsible.

2o years in a Malaysian prison.

Completely under the Malaysian gaydar.

25 Comments on Top Malaysian Newspaper Tells Its Readers How To Spot Gay People

  1. It the BOBBLING HEAD. That is the “tell sign” they give away without knowing it.

    The head tilt is another one. It doesn’t need to bobble from side to side, just stay on one side.

  2. The answer to the “Moozie Malays” is the Malaysian [island] State of Penang located just of the western coast of the Malay peninsula near the Thai border. A wonderful “civility” of predominately Mandarin-speaking Chinese, Malays, Indians and a few Brits/Caucs from the colonial days. My favorite “escape back to sanity” for decades. I like think if it as a “poor man’s HongKong/Singapore paradise”. Use to have some great “O-dens” long ago b/4 the United SNAKES CORP, D[e]C[eit] entered the scene to muck everything up like everywhere else. Oh, and the inexpensive Thai food/”ladies”, conveniently “accessible”. What more can a “dirty ‘ol pasty white boy/repentant reprobate” ask for?!

  3. You mean, they’re *not* always clowned-up in makeup while dancing in the streets, wearing only spandex rainbow underwear? That’s all *I* see….

  4. When you walk past a man and your skin crawls and your hair stands on edge, then you know. Go to Provincetown, MA, and you’ll know what I mean.

  5. “Gay men, it seems, are partial to facial hair and branded clothing”
    Well,I have my annual winter beard and wear Wranglers and Hanes everywhere else..I drive a 25yo Jeep…hell, I can’t afford to be gay.

  6. Just go to a gay pride parade. The varieties are as infinite as are people.

    When the commie takeover of America is complete, the left won’t need their pet groups any longer and will easily round them up for dispatch. It’s repeated history.

  7. Whenever someone farts they break into rapturous smiles and begin to sweat and shake all over.
    When they (male faggots) see little boys they always want them to kiss their “sock-puppet.”
    When they (female faggots) see little girls they always want them to give them bubble baths.
    They sniff each others’ asses.
    They tend to names like “Barney,” “Barry,” “Rock,” “Gomer,” “Anderson,” “Shep,” “Neil,” Greek, and hyphenated names.
    When thrown off of tall buildings they make a “whop” sort of sound upon striking the sidewalk.

    izlamo delenda est …


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