Top Ten Vegas Casino Demolitions

The demolitions have evolved into nighttime events, complete with fireworks.

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  1. I was there for the Stardust, at the Casino next door watching and they did screw up ! Notice the dust cloud was like an A-Bomb, that wasn’t supposed to happen. I was engulfed and covered in ashes, it was fun until it wasn’t. Breathing normally wasn’t an option for a month !!!
    Toxic crap lived in those walls !


    Fire and debris “jump” through the air from the twin towers, went exactly through to the support beams at exactly the right angles, and brought the building down in one shot.

    Wake up dummies.

  3. I was in Viva during the Fall of 93.
    Treasure Island opened up for business by firing a LONG cannon shot down the Strip, imploding the Dunes.
    The Treasure Island turned out to be a great hotel with Mystere’ and their pool, all next to the sister hotel, the Mirage.

    The Stardust, Silver Slipper, and Barbary Coast were my luckiest casinos.
    I was at the Silver Slipper their last night of operation.
    It was awesome, they had an Elvis on stage and the booze was flowing.
    I was playing at a $1 Blackjack table, kicking ass!
    Sadly, those $1 have imploded with history too.

  4. Gamblers should save a link to that video – it’s a great visualization of your money going up in smoke.

    It’s like government: people oughta remember – there’s a reason they have axloads of money to throw around without ever producing anything of use, and that reason is they sneakily took it from chumps.

  5. @LocoBlancoSaltine

    Maybe you’ll like to explain to the “fools” in the world how it takes weeks to study blue prints, put charges in exactly the right areas, yet building 7 (not the twin towers) fell exactly like a controlled demolition, and WAS NO EVEN ON FIRE!

    Please tell this incredible secret to the demolition industry, they can save on planning and charges!

  6. Hey Half-assed-fool,
    Building 7 was burning for eight hours.
    Effectively 9 to 5. Look it up.
    The fires of hell rained down upon it when the planes hit.
    Two 110 story buildings collapsed around it.

    The fascinating thing about you guys is Building 7.
    Tell me, what was the thinking of the *Government Conspirators*?

    “Yes, we can take down the Twin Towers but people won’t REALLY GET PISSED unless we also destroy Building 7, a building 99.999999999999999% of the world DOESN’T EVEN KNOW EXISTS!”

    One more question.
    These implosions in Vegas take a full month to rig with explosives.
    Two 110 story buildings? Piece of cake.

    YOU…are a fucking moron! ๐Ÿ™

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