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Top Ukrainian officials fired amid corruption crackdown

JTN: Ukraine on Tuesday dismissed the governors in five provinces and several other senior officials amid corruption allegations, in the central government’s largest leadership upheaval since the Russian invasion roughly 11 months ago.

The governors of the Dnipropetrovsk, Kherson, Kyiv, Sumy and Zaporizhzhia provinces were among the roughly one dozen Ukrainian officials who either resigned or were dismissed, according to Reuters. All five provinces have been the site of heavy fighting over roughly the past year.  more here

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  1. So, if we’re finding the brave Ukramians such role models, we should “fire” some of our corruptocrats too.

  2. Biden: “I’m leaving here is six hours, if those Governors aren’t fired, you’re not getting your money…”

  3. Does this mean Lt. Col / Air Marshall / SecDef Alexandre Vindeman has gotten Promoted or Demoted?

    So hard to keep up in the fog of smouldering cities.

  4. Joe Bidum donated 1053 sealed boxes to the University of Delaware then ordered that they could not be unsealed for 25 (?) years. Wonder what kind of shiite he hid in those boxes?

  5. CornPop, the bad dude, told Zelensky Joe needed his 10% bumped to 20%. Zelensky is trying to make up the difference.

    Joe sent Thoroughly Incompetent Milley to tell Zelensky, “TANKS”.


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