Tornado strikes Pennsylvania car dealership

Mechanics run for their lives

13 Comments on Tornado strikes Pennsylvania car dealership

  1. Looks like no one got hurt. Thank God.

    But knowing the Odd Humour on this site I thought it was a Joke thread and expected to see a 90 Year Old crashing an Oldsmobile Toronado through a Dealership service bay.

  2. I sold cars, swear to god, to buy my first 18-wheeler, and my dad, what he said, and did, too, when he taught me the car business, about hailstorms the size of melons, took out the whole lot, no lie, you could always tell what a fella was made of. I’m probably talking to much and they’re gonna get mad at me.

  3. Better to leave the bay door open last thing you want is a sealed off building as the pressure from the tornado can blow the whole building up.

  4. Bensalem isn’t far from me. We had hard rain here in Shamokin earlier but nothing like that. Tornadoes are rare around these parts. Too many hills and mountains. It seems when they do happen around here, they really tear stuff up.

  5. Did the tornado rearrange everything into a 737 jet?

    That’s my standard for a tornado, and it it doesn’t get than done, it’s just a useless butterfly’s fart in the wind.


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