Tornadoes touch down in Alabama, killing 23

DC: At least 23 people were killed after two powerful tornadoes ripped through communities in southeast Alabama Sunday afternoon, and officials said the death toll could rise as search efforts resume.

“I cannot recall, at least in the last 50 years, and longer than that, a situation where we have had this type, this loss of life that we experienced today,” Lee County Sheriff Jay Jones toldCBS News Sunday night.

“We do have some children, unfortunately,” Jones said, also saying the “massive damage” included felled trees, damaged buildings, power outages, lost lives and debris strewn across the county.

“The contents of one residence we know for a fact were located over 1,000 yards away,” Jones said.

Lee County officials said the worst damage was near the town of Beauregard, which is about 60 miles east of Montgomery. Smith Station, another small county town, saw about 20 homes destroyed. The tornadoes were part of a larger storm system that moved through southern U.S. states.  more here

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  1. Do a search for “tornado Dixie alley”. It’s a relatively new term but it’s an eye opener to read about. The big problem is that when the big storms from the plains cross the Mississippi it’s usually late afternoon, or worse, the middle of the night when people aren’t awake and paying attention.

  2. When the jet stream is this far south with the temperature contrasts that we’re experiencing over North America, the South could get repeatedly nailed this Spring with killer tornadoes. It’s happened before.

  3. @BevWKy
    You are correct. I live in Alabama and it seems that the severe storms usually happen after dark. To make matters worse, our tornados are always “rain wrapped” and impossible to see. Unlike the twisters you see ripping through cornfield in the mid west, we don’t see our tornadoes and there is not a lot of uninhabited land to rip through.

  4. Oily Glenn Beck this morning asking his zombie listener to send him money.
    He’ll help the tornado victims. Uh huh.

  5. I was with a group that went to Joplin, Mo in 2011 for aid and help. Unless you have seen what a tornado can do it’s impossible to imagine. What I saw was far beyond comprehension. Prayers for those in Alabama.

  6. In 08 09 Huntsville area got hit hard.
    I saw alot of damage in the wooded hilly areas.
    I know they sell all manner of in ground
    storm shelters in the area now.

  7. not unusual. just rare. sucks.

    but i’ll take tornados over any other areas natural disasters.

    they’re fast and random.

  8. Doesn’t sound like Alabama had hardly any warning. Terrible tragedy. Praying for their recovery.

  9. We got tired of that shit. After an F4 wiped Greensburg, KS off the face of the Earth….we told Dorothy to pack up her shit and leave.

    I think she ended up in Alabama.


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