Total Chaos: Looks Like House Immigration Push Is Collapsing

TownHall: Every Democrat signed onto this discharge petition effort that would have allowed immigration votes without going through the House GOP leadership. Moderate Republicans joined that effort and this petition could have been triggered. They were three votes shy, but last week the House leadership said votes on these two bills would be held. The compromise Border Security and Immigration Reform Act, crafted by the GOP leadership, and the more conservative Goodlatte bill, also know as the Securing America’s Future Act, spearheaded by Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA), chair of the House Judiciary Committee. The differences you can read about here. On the issue of the DREAMers, recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program under Obama, a constitutionally questionable program, by the way, Goodlatte’s bill offers three-year renewable temporary protection status to around 800,000 illegals, with path to a green card. The compromise bill grants protections to 1.8 million people, with a chance to obtain a green card upon the sixth year. It’s an eventual pathway to citizenship.  keep reading

13 Comments on Total Chaos: Looks Like House Immigration Push Is Collapsing

  1. NO AMNESTY what do you jerks not understand? We’re sick of you scum ignoring the will of the majority.

  2. @organgrinder, They’ve got your money through confiscation. Illegals are a revenue stream that they don’t have to report.

  3. Still using our confiscated tax money to enable the invasion of our country. They are more interested in representing non-citizens. Treasonous and and breaking the laws already on the record. LOCK THEM UP!!!

  4. Congress has shown once again its disdain for the will of the people. The elected elite are more concerned about retaining their seat of power, special interest groups and campaign contributions.

    For decades Congress has milked this issue for every dollar and every sound bite they could get. Congress doesn’t solve problems, they create them and milk them for their selfish purposes.

    Ryan, McCONnell, Rinos, Pelosi, schumer and their socialists need to be expunged from government service, they are an impediment to our republic and the law.

  5. The GOP will betray conservatives every time. Why? Look at it from their point of view. They have two choices:

    1) DO WHAT CONSERVATIVES WANT. Lots of headaches…you tick off the Chamber of Commerce, tick off rich Leftist donors, get opposed or abandoned by the GOP at election time, get shut out of D.C. social functions controlled by Left, constant attacks from the Leftist media, no more cushy interviews with The View and most importantly (I’m speculating here) secret payoffs dry up and/or blackmail threats are made good and you suddenly need to retire.

    2) DO WHAT THE LEFT WANTS: You get the exact opposite of the above.

    Which looks more like the GOP has looked for a long time?

    Almost to a man, the GOP is either corrupt (on the take or a closet Leftist) or compromised (someone holds the Polaroids of naked Senator ______ and a shaved collie).

    If anyone has a more plausible explanation I’m all ears.

  6. I hope both the bills fail and fail dramatically. Not whet we voted for and not good for the country. RINOs must go down.

  7. The left and their un-party pals only want things done their way by their chosen ones. They don’t care about anyone else’s opinions or ideas. They only care about steering your tax dollars toward their pockets and pet projects. Vote them all out every time you get the chance because they only want any power they can take or weasel away from others as they nibble away at your freedoms. Give them an inch and they just want more and more.

  8. It’s tough to get anything done while being constantly undermined by the likes of Ryan and McConnell. Get them replaced with standup people and they can sway the thinking up there. Nothing will happen with these entrenched scum pulling the strings.

  9. It is hard to find common ground when one side wants to uphold traditional immigration controls and defend the border, and the other side wants no border and no immigration controls.

    It is order vs chaos. Where is the middle there?

  10. A proper immigration reform bill starts with the words, “After the wall is completed.”

  11. @organgrinder June 21, 2018 at 10:45 am

    > Get them replaced with standup people

    “[S]tandup people” can not swear to aid and abet those they know to be corrupt. That’s not who they are.


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