Tour de France cracks down on Mechanical Doping

SMH: Tour de France to crack down on hidden motors, a scourge ‘worse than doping’.
French authorities will crack down on the use of hidden motors in this year’s Tour de France with the cheating tactic described as worse than doping.

​Following the six-year ban given to Belgium rider Femke Van den Driessche in April 2016 for using a hidden motor at the Under 23 world championships, the International Cycling Union (UCI) has vowed to crack down on ‘mechanical doping’, according to a report in le Journal du Dimanche.

“This problem is worse than doping,” French Sports Minister Thierry Braillard told the newspaper. “The very future of cycling is hanging in the balance.”


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  1. Another euroweenie sport that no American should give a rats ass about. I see these spandex clad losers out here in my rural area every weekend, acting like they own the road.
    They gum up the works and I’m supposed to be happy that I get to follow them at 8 mph uphill while I’m trying to get to the Home Depot or the gun show?

    Go ahead and ruin the “sport”. We’ll all be much better off. Leave the bicycles to those too young to get a drivers license.

  2. Stealing the ideas of Obola, Clinton, the Demonrats, and EuroTrash.

    Winning by winning is for suckers; Cheat, lie … whatever it takes.

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. If God would have wanted us to ride bikes he wouldn’t have invented motors and engines.

    PS pay your own taxes and build your own road and stay the hell off the one I pay for with gas tax.

  4. Say what you will about bicycle racing and soccer, but NOBODY can cheat better then bike racers. And NOBODY can fall down more dramatically then soccer players…

  5. The French are also looking into confiscating other substances banned in their country – soap, deodorant, toothpaste.

  6. @Eugenia, the most olfactory assault ever experienced?
    The fish market in V/Nam?
    The bridge over shit river in Olongapo?
    The canals of Venice?
    Stinky tofu in Taiwan?
    Nope, a bus in Paris on Friday night.
    They know you’re not French by your smell. Just like a pack of dogs.

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