Tour Of The Great Wall Nancy Pelosi Built

For YEARS Nancy Pelosi has told us that walls are racist, evil, and immoral. “It’s not who we are as a nation,” she preached.

Take the tour here

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  1. Keeping undocumented Democrat voters out of the country is not who we are as a country.

    Protecting the ruling class from the great unwashed is who we are as a country. — at least as far as the ruling class is concerned.

  2. A great monument to what Pelosi, Schumer, the 2 false leaders and RINOS built.

    No wonder they want to desecrate Lincoln, Mount Rushmore, & smear George Washington.

    Those monuments aspire towards greatness not fear & incompetence.

    Grab a copy of Atlas Shrugged and re-read it friends.

  3. Thanks yutube:
    130 Thousand dislikes were removed in a 24hr period!

    And this is for the most popular US President of all time!

  4. That took a bit of planning, how long has that been on standby in a warehouse?
    I don’t believe they pulled it out of Nancy ars.

  5. It sure appears like tactics and experimentation done in our public schools over the last decade primarily are being implemented by the feds. Lock down our public buildings like we are the threat…done in our schools. Special dispensation for some(our betters)…done in our schools. My husband and myself are Mr. & Mrs. Nobody, because nobody’s complained. Lies, fraud and hypocrisy.

  6. Cmn¢¢guy: Last December “Acting Secretary of the Department of Defense Chris Miller Thanks VP Pence for Efforts in Most Complex Military Operation in History”.

  7. In my suburban neighborhood a fence can’t be more than 5 feet tall and if the neighbor objects, it then has to be moved inward another three feet from the lot line.
    I want this 12 foot wire fence with the razor wire on top around my property. A guard tower in each corner would be nice too.

  8. On June 12, Trump should rally somewhere and repeat Reagan’s June 12, 1987 speech with the famous quote changed to “Biden, tear down this wall.”
    call for the arrest of Schumer and Pelosi.
    How great would that be?

  9. @TRF

    Anyone notice how an asterisk looks like a Puckered Balloon Knot?

    It works with Biden on sooo many levels.


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