Tourist consumed by wolves

Greek authorities believe they have found the remnants of a British Hiker who was making her way between two ancient sites using a short cut when she went missing. A gnawed upon thigh bone and a passport were found identifying the victim as Celia Lois Hollingsworth, who Greek officials believe was set upon by wolves.

They believe that is most likely the explanation since before her disappearance,  Hollingworth had called her brother and told him she was being attacked by dogs.


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  1. A lot of people don’t unnerstand how us real SMALL town people think. Outside of one town, every place I lived was less than fifteen hundred population, some as small as ninety nine. I also lived in remote Western Nebraska as a kid.

    It’s a different world.

  2. reminds me of that nature nut who thought he had a special relationship with bears and ended up getting himself and his girlfriend… wait for it… eaten by a bear.

  3. Must be related to that really smart chick who went boating down the Amazon alone recently…one way.

  4. Coyotes can be just as vicious. Saw a coyote running down the road with a cat in its mouth. The head was gone. DH chased it in the car. It dropped the headless cat. Now we call it the muzzie coyote. Poor lady, but I have to wonder why she felt it necessary to head off by herself down a remote trail.

  5. Sounds like a nice title, The Greek Wolf Who Ate Me for a late night or Sat. afternoon creature feature on Monster, Chiller, Horror Theater or Svenghouli. Where’s Peter Cushing when you need him or Bela Legosi or Lon Chaney Junior? Ow Oooh!!!!!

  6. Horrible way to go. NoKo fat boy Un likes to have enemies ripped a part by dogs for his own amusement.

    As for the movie Wind River – looks entertaining.

    BUT it has Jeremy Renner in it. He’s one of those dip$hits who makes a living filming shoot ’em up movies. Then for free – films anti-gun adverts. I find it difficult to watch movies with firearms starring anti-gun nut jobs.
    The same with Liam Neason, who stars in a wolf survival movie, The Grey. And in many other movies wherein he’s the gunslinger.

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